Monday, April 11, 2011

5 o'clock World

Howdy bloggers

So I'll begin my post today with a few pics from the weekend. It was my friend Bec's 21st on Saturday night with a cocktail theme, and although I'm not really a cocktail dress kind'a girl, I made an effort to look classy.

Kathryn, myself and Steph

Steph and myself (Or Steph squared perhaps?)

James, one of my best friends and I

Tegan and I (She insisted I bobbed down a bit as with those heels on I'm somewhere in the range of 6"4' :P)

My outfit:

Alice Manson skirt, Isabella bolero and steampunk corset: Gallery Serpentine
Demonia steampunk heels: Sinister Soles
Jabot: Fanplusfriend
Octopus cameo: Tentacle Threads

Almost like GS has vomited me straight out of one of their stores, but yeah, all so pretty!

Oh and I just thought I might mention the new Black Milk tights I purchased recently. Hopefully they'll arrive soon! So coooool, love their stuff.

High Waisted Wetlook

The Anatomist

New Liquids

Not sure if they'll look any good, but I wanted them so...meh, got them :P

Oh and I'm so excited for Easter! I'll be heading to Canberra to catch up with all my buddies up there and attend the goth/electro night as well! Should be awesome!


  1. There's the National Folk festival in Canberra over easter. I have been before but am not going this year. It's not Goth, of course, but there is a nice burlesque/ vaudervillian circus atmosphere which is good fun.

  2. Yeah i've been to it before, it's cool as!

  3. I took a look at the Black Milk website and wooooow <3 Going to blog about it :)

  4. You have such normal looking friends! Lol, I am the same way.

  5. Yeah I saw your post, Sara. Thanks for the mention :) Appreciate it! I also love that R2 swimsuit, but as I'm quite on the curvy side, I generally avoid white as a rule.

    Haha Gracie, normal :P My friends may look normal but they've all got their quirks. I guess they look different 'cause I tend to choose my friends on their personalities and not their styles, which I imagine you do, as well as all the other lovely intelligent people that read my blog :P hahaha

    But I do have a few gothie friends. I met them once I went to uni, as living here in a small community there isn't a wide variety of fashion styles around. And after meeting a few, I was introduced to more and now I have gothie acquaintances all over Aus! Hopefully I'll get to see them all again eventually.

    Thanks for the comments guys, I really do appreciate them :)

  6. wwooowwww love your outfit you wore to the partay!