Saturday, April 2, 2011

Direct World Action For Japan

As I'm sure you all know, Japan has been hit with one disaster after another recently and I do feel as fellow human beings, the responsibility for this great nation's recovery rests on all our shoulders.

So, if you like me want to help but feel overwhelmed and don't know where to begin, I guess you could start where I did. Direct World Action For Japan are selling a CD, (either physical or digital versions) for as little as $20 US for the digital version and $30 US for the physical version, or as much as you can afford to donate. Shipping for the second option is free and you can score yourself some great music all while lending a helping hand. (Note however that the physical CD is limited edition, only 1000 exist and I own one of them ^_^ so get in quick if that's your preferred option!)

I never know where to send money when tragedies like this occur, and I dare say not many people do. I mean...I dunno about you but I didn't learn about disaster relief management at school...

Anyway, I feel this is a great idea and every cent counts so don't worry if you can only afford the minimum amount like me!

Thanks to Shiv-R for this link.

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