Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Don't Fence Me In..

Though in this case I may have to be fenced in, that is until I can get my shopping addiction in check...Sigh.

Did you know that shopping triggers the same Dopamine receptors that things like chocolate and heroin do? So, it seriously can be an addiction. If they try and make me go to rehab, I won't go go go...Mainly because I have no money to afford it because I spent it all on my latest fix :P

Anyway! Must be moving on!

My dad came in this afternoon just before I took off to work with a dead butterfly (Sadface is sad :( I know) But it was still just as beautiful in death as I imagine it would have been in life, so I snapped a shot. It was massive!

And here's a craptacular shot of my new BOOMBOOMBABY! corset (I'll post better ones probably after cam whoring in Canberra over Easter before )

And here are some more recent additions to my 'stuff and things' family:

The buttons for eyes creeped me out a bit, Neil Gaiman anyone (Who am I kidding, -hem- *everyone* I mean :P)? 0.o

Yay for Monster High!

Black Butler; my new favourite anime. I watch it of a morning with a cup of tea and chortle to myself about how I bet he's one hell of a Butler IN THE SACK! Hehehehe. No but seriously, he's bangin'.

(Does anyone else notice that I sure make a heck of a lot of jokes about sex for a celibate? Maybe it's my brains unconscious way of appearing normal to the rest of the horny masses :p...Hmm)

Newish Skullcandy headphones (White balance must be off, 'cause they're actually lime green not neon yellow)

My new Limited Edition singlet from Black Victory; Piggy D's clothing company. I think it's look great with my Black Milk Tights...IF THEY'D EVER ARRIVE! *mutters* So much for wearing them for my Easter getaway.

Anyway, as I mentioned before I'll be away for Easter. I'll be taking my computer with me but I'm not sure if I'll get a chance/feel the need to blog whilst there but we'll see.

Laterz chums


  1. I loooovvvveee black butler!! i read your latest post and i knew i liked you!

  2. I just started watching Soul Eater and I love it. I should see what Black Butler is all about... Love your Monster high doll ^_^


  3. I'm glad Black Butler is gaining popularity, it's soooo goood!

    Thanks for the comments guys! ^_^

  4. Kuroshitsuji...I loved it. i watchced all of the episodes, and I was so sad, when I saw the last one. I wish there were more episodes. But luckily...the manga is still going on :D

  5. Eeep don't tell me anything! The second season han't been released here yet! :P

    Ooo I'll have to get hold of the manga fosho!