Sunday, April 3, 2011

Smile! You're On Candid Camera!

I figured, as the majority of my photos are sort'a...semi-professional-esque (I.e. taken with an D-SLR), I'd add some candid ones for fun. Also I was just the most massive cam whore today and wanted to make myself feel less like a douche.

From my DSi that I recently acquired. P.s. Fuck 3D.

All of these except the deathhawk one were taken about an hour or so ago ^_^ I was somewhat bored :P

Demon child

Blue hair..

No eyebrows?

Oh wait - there they are!

My dying deathhawk several days after I first styled it...


This is my 'I love all 41 of my followers' face :P

Wooo camera whoring!

Also, I bought a new skirt from Gallery Serpentine, as regular readers may realise this is probably my favourite shop in the world. It was ridiculously expensive, and I dunno whether I'll post a pic of it before or after the 21st I bought it for. I guess we will see what's goin' on in ma' life.

...Nothing at all to be frank.


Even Pokemon Black has failed me. I just bought Diamon yesterday and I'm half way through that. I really need to start reading again. Now I remember why I didn't want to buy a gameboy...I wanted to remain well-read and intelligent.

*brain is mush*

Okay, so I hope you guys liked that little taste of the informal. Next time it's back to my precious SLR.

Over and Out

The Gre- Oh right, it's just Steph today.


  1. hahaha very nice, i was so confused when i saw the red hair one, i was like whhhaaaaattt?

  2. Nice. Want to start reading again? I think my friend and I are starting a blogging book club. Woo for that! I'll get back to you on it.

    And I love the pictures. I know what you mean about camera whoring. I get the itch too, some days. =]