Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Partying like a Beastie over Eastie

Wow. What a hectic weekend, yo. I got back last night from my trip to Canberra around 9 and even after a good night's sleep (my first since I left!) I still feel exhausted. Unfortunatly I didn't get as many photos whilst away as I may have liked, mainly from pure exhaustion or just not being bothered to go out to the car and get the camera :P

Anyway, I'll be talking more about that once I upload/resize/organise my pics and stuff from my trip/take some photos of what I acquired whilst there. For now a blogging award post will have to satisfy you my lovelies. I hope you missed me! ^_^


So here are the rules for the versatile blogger award.
1. Thank the person who nominated you and link them.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 of your favorite bloggers and link their sites. (I managed 8)
4. Contact them and let them know they've been nominated.

So I was nominated by 3 lovely ladies, pretty much all at once :p I'll posts this for all 3 at once so it's less spam-ee on my blog. They were Sarah from The Walrus Room, Ashlee from A Mortal Doth Approach and Ms. Lou from The Neo-Victorian Parlour. Thank you guys so much! I'm glad you enjoy the blog.


1. I have 5 Versatile Blogger Awards now
2. I hate doing the random facts about me
3. I'm probably on the high road to becoming an alcoholic :P
4. I'm a celibate.
5. I'm watching a show at the moment called 'Misfits'
6. I LOVE getting blog comments *wink* ;) like seriously...ohhh yeahhh
7. I don't understand nor condone 'open relationships'. If you wanna screw around, whateverrrr, do it, but doing this whilst in a relationship completely undermines the whole principle of being in a relationship in the first place.

Bit of a theme there much? It's 'cause there was so much fucking drama going on in the Canberra goth scene. I just shook my head and stomped away to the music. *mutters*

Annnyyywayyy. There's no way in hell I have 15 bloggers that would care aboit recieveing an award, and because the goth blogging scene is so fantastically incestuous, everyone would have already been tagged already I'd say. So how about, if you haven't recieved one, lemme know and you can have your chance to spread 7 nasty rumours about yourself, ergh I mean detailed facts... >.>


Boo you bitches, I love you guys.

I'm off to die in a pool of drool on my pillow. Sooo freakin' tired.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time For a Celebration

Woot! I have 50 followers! :D Thanks guys for showing an interest; I really appreciate it!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Don't Fence Me In..

Though in this case I may have to be fenced in, that is until I can get my shopping addiction in check...Sigh.

Did you know that shopping triggers the same Dopamine receptors that things like chocolate and heroin do? So, it seriously can be an addiction. If they try and make me go to rehab, I won't go go go...Mainly because I have no money to afford it because I spent it all on my latest fix :P

Anyway! Must be moving on!

My dad came in this afternoon just before I took off to work with a dead butterfly (Sadface is sad :( I know) But it was still just as beautiful in death as I imagine it would have been in life, so I snapped a shot. It was massive!

And here's a craptacular shot of my new BOOMBOOMBABY! corset (I'll post better ones probably after cam whoring in Canberra over Easter before )

And here are some more recent additions to my 'stuff and things' family:

The buttons for eyes creeped me out a bit, Neil Gaiman anyone (Who am I kidding, -hem- *everyone* I mean :P)? 0.o

Yay for Monster High!

Black Butler; my new favourite anime. I watch it of a morning with a cup of tea and chortle to myself about how I bet he's one hell of a Butler IN THE SACK! Hehehehe. No but seriously, he's bangin'.

(Does anyone else notice that I sure make a heck of a lot of jokes about sex for a celibate? Maybe it's my brains unconscious way of appearing normal to the rest of the horny masses :p...Hmm)

Newish Skullcandy headphones (White balance must be off, 'cause they're actually lime green not neon yellow)

My new Limited Edition singlet from Black Victory; Piggy D's clothing company. I think it's look great with my Black Milk Tights...IF THEY'D EVER ARRIVE! *mutters* So much for wearing them for my Easter getaway.

Anyway, as I mentioned before I'll be away for Easter. I'll be taking my computer with me but I'm not sure if I'll get a chance/feel the need to blog whilst there but we'll see.

Laterz chums

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dressed Up Like a Million-Dollar Trooper...

So I was bored today and began playing around with long exposures. However, they all turned out terrible :P I guess we've all gotta start somewhere!

So instead of those pics I'll just post some crappy ones I also took today. I was attempting to emmulate that whole..'soft' focus thing they used to have in the movies of olde where all the women seemed to be slightly out of focus in what I assume was some sort of prehistoic attempt at airbrushing?

Also, there's some others, they're kind'a dodgy though but, I still liked something about them.

Me screwin' around with photoshop, makin' myself look like a crack whore.

P.s. Look at me Grace! No shirt! :p Haha I wrapped my shirt around me to hide my shame. I can't even sit half naked in my own bedroom without feeling cheap :P

For those of you that don't know me in real life, I'm incredibly prudish. Practically a never-nude type. When am I ever nude? Probably only in the shower. I don't understand why anyone would want to be naked when bodies are so ugly and there's such an array of beautiful clothes to hide the shame :P

Well that's enough of that.

A Bit of an Apology

Sorry I haven't been really active with the posting lately guys, if anyone has even noticed haha :P

I've been feeling a bit down lately and haven't really felt the inspiration for blogging or photo taking. All my friends have moved away, and my big move is still months away. I feel like I'm falling back into the rut I was in around this time last year which led to me quitting uni (along with contributing money issues.)

I've never felt all that close with my family, but it seems worse lately. They just ignore me the majority of the time and when they are paying me attention, it's only to yell at me for coming home late when I said I wouldn't be coming home or accidentally getting a speck of green hair dye on the bathroom vanity.

Even now as I'm writing this I've burst into tears for absolutely no reason.

Gah sorry, I shouldn't even be talking about this rubbish on here.

Monday, April 11, 2011

5 o'clock World

Howdy bloggers

So I'll begin my post today with a few pics from the weekend. It was my friend Bec's 21st on Saturday night with a cocktail theme, and although I'm not really a cocktail dress kind'a girl, I made an effort to look classy.

Kathryn, myself and Steph

Steph and myself (Or Steph squared perhaps?)

James, one of my best friends and I

Tegan and I (She insisted I bobbed down a bit as with those heels on I'm somewhere in the range of 6"4' :P)

My outfit:

Alice Manson skirt, Isabella bolero and steampunk corset: Gallery Serpentine
Demonia steampunk heels: Sinister Soles
Jabot: Fanplusfriend
Octopus cameo: Tentacle Threads

Almost like GS has vomited me straight out of one of their stores, but yeah, all so pretty!

Oh and I just thought I might mention the new Black Milk tights I purchased recently. Hopefully they'll arrive soon! So coooool, love their stuff.

High Waisted Wetlook

The Anatomist

New Liquids

Not sure if they'll look any good, but I wanted them so...meh, got them :P

Oh and I'm so excited for Easter! I'll be heading to Canberra to catch up with all my buddies up there and attend the goth/electro night as well! Should be awesome!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Smile! You're On Candid Camera!

I figured, as the majority of my photos are sort'a...semi-professional-esque (I.e. taken with an D-SLR), I'd add some candid ones for fun. Also I was just the most massive cam whore today and wanted to make myself feel less like a douche.

From my DSi that I recently acquired. P.s. Fuck 3D.

All of these except the deathhawk one were taken about an hour or so ago ^_^ I was somewhat bored :P

Demon child

Blue hair..

No eyebrows?

Oh wait - there they are!

My dying deathhawk several days after I first styled it...


This is my 'I love all 41 of my followers' face :P

Wooo camera whoring!

Also, I bought a new skirt from Gallery Serpentine, as regular readers may realise this is probably my favourite shop in the world. It was ridiculously expensive, and I dunno whether I'll post a pic of it before or after the 21st I bought it for. I guess we will see what's goin' on in ma' life.

...Nothing at all to be frank.


Even Pokemon Black has failed me. I just bought Diamon yesterday and I'm half way through that. I really need to start reading again. Now I remember why I didn't want to buy a gameboy...I wanted to remain well-read and intelligent.

*brain is mush*

Okay, so I hope you guys liked that little taste of the informal. Next time it's back to my precious SLR.

Over and Out

The Gre- Oh right, it's just Steph today.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Direct World Action For Japan

As I'm sure you all know, Japan has been hit with one disaster after another recently and I do feel as fellow human beings, the responsibility for this great nation's recovery rests on all our shoulders.

So, if you like me want to help but feel overwhelmed and don't know where to begin, I guess you could start where I did. Direct World Action For Japan are selling a CD, (either physical or digital versions) for as little as $20 US for the digital version and $30 US for the physical version, or as much as you can afford to donate. Shipping for the second option is free and you can score yourself some great music all while lending a helping hand. (Note however that the physical CD is limited edition, only 1000 exist and I own one of them ^_^ so get in quick if that's your preferred option!)

I never know where to send money when tragedies like this occur, and I dare say not many people do. I mean...I dunno about you but I didn't learn about disaster relief management at school...

Anyway, I feel this is a great idea and every cent counts so don't worry if you can only afford the minimum amount like me!

Thanks to Shiv-R for this link.