Monday, July 22, 2013

Ensembles, New Additions and General Happenings Around the Fairy Grotto

So going off what I said yesterday I tried to put a bit of effort into my outfit today, tossing on what is currently probably my favourite wardrobe pieces; plus I did my make up!

Nothing you guys haven't seen before but I am so in love with this skirt and the new Black Milk XL sizing is so comfortable I never want to take these Chopin leggings off.

Leggings and Skirt - Black Milk Clothing
Jacket - Saxony (Ebay)
Tee - Black Victory
Boots - Big W

Speaking of comfortable BM leggings...Oops I slipped ;)

I can't wait for these, ever since they were sneak peeked a few months ago I've been dying to get them on my legs.

 Also, new ASOS order arrived today; a first from them for me.

It was a leather skirt which I got on sale for a bargain of less than 60 bucks. But yeah, it is real leather so vegans/vegos should note that in case they wanted to buy their own. They do have plenty of varieties of veggie-friendly, faux-leather options however.

Sorry about the constant crappines of my photos but my computer can't handle having any more photos on it and my SLR ones are huge files plus the light in my house is complete shit.

In other news my ability to read for long periods of time seems to be returning (who knew that anaesthetic had such a bad reaction 0.o) So I've started this book ...again, hoping this time I can get through it. I normally don't read that much modern stuff however I for some reason was put on to a series by the same other by a friend and hoped this would be as attention-grabbing. So far it's a bit so-so but I do believe it's getting better!

Moving on, I just found a cute little reference to me in this lovely blog that I'm probably the last to discover :P It's called Dark Side of the Net and the post mentioning me and my little place on the interwebs is here. Thank you kind stranger for the mention and for reading! ^_^

Also, check out the awesome breakfast Mum and I had on Sunday ^_^ nom nom

Anyway I think that's probably all for tonight. Please check out my last post on a possible outfit challenge, more participants equals more fun!

Over and Out

The Green Fairy


P.s. Readers do my pictures appear blurry to you? I'm not sure what's going on but for some reason even though I know the pics aren't blurry they show up as such on my blog. If you open them in their own window/tab they come into focus though; it's really weird and frankly it's pissing me off! Anyone got any advice/comments?

P.p.s. I'm approaching 200 posts, do people usually do something special for these kind of milestones?

Edit: Until I can figure out why stupid blogger makes all my photos blurry when they're resized I've had to make them smaller but if you click on them and open them in a new window they appear much larger and clear. Again if any one knows why this happens I'd love to hear from you either by comment or you can email me at


  1. That skirt is amazing! Love your outfit ^^
    Oh by the way the photos show up blurry to me as well...

    1. Thank you :)

      Naww that's so annoying :( Stupid blogspot.

  2. Photos are showing up fine for me (on internet explorer, embarrassingly, as firefox is playing up).

    Have you maybe considered getting drop box or other online storage for photos and files you don't need immediately any more? It would free up plenty storage space. :)

    1. Eeep...I won't judge, but I can't promise no one else will ;) haha jk.
      Yeah I'm thinking I'll probably have to do that. It's just difficult because our internet has a very small data package and also regularly cuts out/plays up. But I guess it's my only option at this point.

  3. black milk has one of the greatest style!! great post!
    would you help me in a competition? new post in the blog explaining it, thx.

    1. Haha have to say I agree with you (I am a little obsessed teehee) and thank you honey ^_^