Sunday, July 21, 2013

From Meh to Marvelous; Help Me Put Some Spark Back in My Outfits!

So lately I've been feeling rather bleh with life, I guess it's been the down after all the excitement (not in a good way) of having an operation. The last few weeks I've been stuck inside the house, unable to drive anywhere going completely stir-crazy. I'm lucky that I have a few lovely friends that have come to visit me to help me pass the time but I want to be able to find a reason to get out of bed in the morning (the actual morning and not 11:30am or later) with a spring in my step (but not too much lest I hurt myself hehe).

So I was thinking a method that always makes me feel better, as shallow as it may seem, is taking pride in my appearance. I thought if I have an excuse to get up early, actually style an outfit rather than chucking on any old thing that's sitting on the top of my pile of clothes and putting on my face then I might feel a wee bit better and like I'm actually regaining some purpose to my life.

I thought if anyone expresses interest we could do some sort of themed outfit challenge type thing over the course of the week e.g. Monday Grey-scale, Tuesday Anatomical etc. etc., (we can decide that later through a poll perhaps?) And yeah, every one who is interested takes part even if it's in a small way because you have restrictions or something (like work uniform or some such) and then share your addition on your blog and lemme know if you do and Maybe I could feature a few pics of my favs of the day and have links to everyone that wants to have a go.

The only thing I can see going wrong is that sometimes my internet is temperamental (or my father is temperamental and won't let me go on because he's a crazy control freak) and I may be delayed a day or so in posting that day's challenge. So to combat this, we could just deal with this issue if it arises as it comes or we could do some sort of round up in the following week.

So lemme know what y'all think, yeah?

That's all for now,

Over and Out!

The Green Fairy



  1. Yay! :D I would consider it a success if it was even just you and I, Sary; 'cause, y'know...We're awesome ^_^ <3

  2. Yeah This is a great idea! I'm all for it, both the challenge itself and the 'putting back of spark in self'! x

    1. Yay :D I guess I'll give people another week or so to reply...Otherwise it might just be the 3 of us. Stil...that would be easy to coordinate. I'm trying to tidy my room so I can possibly keep the camera tripod out permanently.