Friday, July 12, 2013

OOTD feat. Kelly

So today Kelly and Luke popped in for a visit to say hello to little ol' housebound me and also so I could give Kelly part 2 of her birthday present (i.e. the part just from me) :D

After recieving quite a few new items lately I was keen to get some wear out of them as I haven't really had much of a chance, been on home detention and all after my surgery a few weeks ago. This is what I wore;

Men's black button up shirt - Saxony ($10 on ebay)
Black Satin jabot - FanPlusFriend
PVC Skirt and Chopin Black Leggings - Black Milk Clothing

I was quite fond of my outfit today, I'm IN LOVE with this skirt!

Kelly with her present! A new bag from Iron Fist, a brand she's rather fond of I hear. Also two new purple themed nail polishes from Australian-owned and run Lilypad Lacquer!

Happy Belated Birthday, Kelly!

That's all for now,

Over and Out

The Green Fairy


  1. What a kind friend you are. That bag is gorgeous :)

    1. Aww thank you! :D And Kelly thinks so too, which I'm so glad of, I wasn't sure if I'd done a good job on the pick but I was lucky :)

  2. I swooned over that outfit on the BM fan page *o*
    You're so rad, Fairy ;D

    And aw ye! Iron Fist~ the Hooters bag, man that thing is awesome.

    1. Aww thank you, Dani ^_^ You're a sweetie :)


  3. That pvc skirt is amazing!! Love the combination with the shirt <3

  4. Aaah, I love the outfit! The skirt matches beautifully with the shirt. Lovely bag too. :)

  5. Oh, your outfit is just gorgeous! Black Milk is amazing ^^

    1. Thank you muchly ^_^ Yes it is, I'm obsessed haha