Thursday, July 1, 2010

I like it spooky

So yesterday I went out on a little photo shoot with my friends Kat and Bec. We began at Kat's house in Amerdown and moved on to a few places in Orange. I thought a few of them turned out quite nice. I didn't have much of a concept in my head, except sort'a...elegant girls in a contrasting environment i guess.

I did their makeup, and the parasol is mine; the rest of the styling the girls did themselves, and I yoinked the lantern from Kat's kitchen.

This is a picture heavy post btw.

Cool latern

My Fav

Second fav

They're all the one's I've touched up for now, I might post a few more in a couple of days. There's just so many to go through. Ergh. Anyway,




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