Sunday, May 1, 2011

This is the Hook

Before I get on with the blog post, I'd like to request a one minute silence. Reason being that silly Steffles broke her 50mm lens yesterday :( My favourite lens! Waaaaa. So no more pretty shots with nice depth of field for while, unfortunately.

Anyway, moving on. So I spent my Easter away visiting old uni buddies and what not in Canberra. It was really fun, but extremely exhausting (and expensive).

I spent a lot of time hanging out at this cool pub called the Phoenix. My friend, Phil works there and other than the shitload of hipsters that sometimes like to shack up there, it's really quite a cool place.

Mein Bruder, Philip working at the Phoenix

My friend Jack and I, having a Bleach bender night. Mmm Byakuya

Bleach, some guy getting punched by Chad

Me hangin' at Jack's

The event I based my trip around was this electro/ebm night called NULL, which unfortunately I have no photos of. There were some taken of me by randoms on the night, but they have yet to surface :P However, my new glitter corset was a hit! I had a lot of people coming up and touching it and complimenting me. Though it's like sandpaper on your arms if you haven't got some form of jacket on.

Oh and last night a few of my Orange friends took me out to the pub, hoping I think that I might change my position on how much I hate them. Needless to say I still hate them, only difference is now I stink of cigarettes. Ergh. Here's a quick outfit post of what I wore last night. Sorry they're such crappy quality, but it was like.. 3 in the morning and the shutter on my SLR would probably have woken the family and got me in trouble. (Though apparently it's perfectly okay to disturb me with needless hammering in the morning? Go figure...)

Shirt: Black Victory
Bolero: Gallery Serpentine
Jabot: Fanplusfriend
Cameo: Tentacle Threads

And though you can't really see I was wearing my Demonia stompy ankle boots and just a pair of black skinny leg jeans.

Anyway, I think that's about it, oh but I'm getting close to my 1st blogiversary :P Hoorah!!

Over and out lovelies!

The Green Fairy


Oh and p.s.

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  1. Hahaha how much you hate them, how nice :p oh, i've been meaning to tell you! you can get those green library type lamps from a hop... i can't remember where! ikea? they look just like that one...

  2. I was at Null as well :D I was the one in all white. Had I of noticed you I would of approached you and gone into fangirl mode over your blog :P

  3. Seriously? That is so cool, I have a fan ^_^ Eeeeep!

  4. (im the same anonymous person above) yeah I kinda kicked myself reading this, I was like "how could I not notice THE HAIR?!" XD

  5. Oh well, hehe it's probably for the best (I was quite inebriated and was apparently picking fights with some Irishmen :P)

  6. Hahaha personally I was preoccupied with not being stepped on while dancing XD I nearly got smooshed so many times, but it was awesome :D