Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm rapt

So whilst I sat at home watching the Pink Panther, baking angel cakes and waiting for the rapture I decided that if the Dead did start wondering around that I wanted to have make up on. Seeing as I'd never tried out my blue lipstick from Lime Crime, I thought I'd fiddle around with a look centred around it.

Not nearly close to half my makeup...Gah I have way too much :P


  1. Whoa .. that is a lot of makeup! Do you buy it all online, or do you get it from a specific store? You'd never find anything exotic like that where I live, at least.

  2. I bought everything except my liquid foundation and a few of the mascaras online. Oh not where I live either, it's a hole here :P.

  3. Beautiful, sweetie. Then again, you're ALWAYS looking fucking awesome. Congrats on surviving the rapture. Only the awesome stay behind. ;D

  4. I envy your make up collection! Your make up is amazing!

    Also, Lime Crime FTW!

  5. Oh shucks ^_^ you're too kind! Haha that's what I've been saying! Let's party!

  6. @Sary: It look me a while to build it up, but I'm quite proud of it; especially my glitter! *drools*

    Thanks :)

    I love Lime Crime! Woot woot woot!