Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Primed and Ready

So I received my new primer in the mail today that I bought from eBay from the brand Bodyography. After trying my facebook wifey, Tea's similar product last time I was down in Canberra I decided I might buy some. After having a look around for the one I tried, I found a green version of the foundation primer. And NO i didn't just buy it because it's green :P. This product is supposed to help with redness; an issue of which I consider myself an authority.

I've tried some on my skin and it literally feels like silk, much like how MAC's Prep and Prime feels when you put it on (I've also tried a friend's but unfortunately don't own one myself). I have yet to try it out to see if it can add to the durability of my make up, but I'm hoping it'll get a test run at Chrome in a few weeks! In case any of you didn't see I'm their latest poster girl :)

I also got a bunch of new lashes! Can't wait to try them on; maybe this weekend I'll get a chance and hopefully can take some pics.

That's about it!

Over and out lovelie!

The Green Fairy



  1. Eye lashes?

    Is it too demanding to ask for a request on how to apply false eyelashes, as I fail miserably. :D

  2. Yes eye lashes. Oh I can give it a go, but sometimes I also fail miserably :P. I have yet to master it, but there have been a few things I've worked out that I can share with everyone.

    Yay for requests ^_^