Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yet Another Tale of An Ever-Growing Wardrobe

I forgot to post a few pics of this lovely little riding jacket I picked up after I had tea with my lovely facebook wife over Easter. I bought it from The Darling Sisters and the jacket is originally from Collectif. I'm so in love with it and plan to wear it to this steampunk train ride event that's coming up in a few weeks at the Lithgow ZigZag Railway. It's called Spirit of Distinction and I'm hoping, despite my lack of acquaintances going, that it will be a glorious and classy event!

Oh and I'm nearly at 10, 000 page views ^_^ Yay!!

That's all,

The Green Fairy



  1. that's a really cool jacket - and that train ride sounds SO COOL! I want to go!!!

  2. You have green hair. I like you already ^^

    That's a pretty decent shirt if you don't mind me saying so, very interesting crests.

    Hope everything goes ok for you at the Zig Zag Railway. I've heard it's a pretty decent place, can't get enough of those old engines.

  3. @Gracie: The come! I have to buy a ticket still...Probably should get on that ey..

    @Laurence: Oh shucks :P Thanks :)

    Yeah I liked the shapes and lines of it. It's well classy, yo' :P

    You've heard of an Australian railway all the way over in Britain? o.0 Cool I guess :P

  4. Very classy.

    And a lot of Australian engines were built in this country to order, plus I like the shape of a lot of them. Also because I'm a huge nerd who specialises in heavy metal and steam engines. Because someone has to XD

  5. Sweet jacket..I do love your style! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  6. That cameo print is lovely. Also this post's title struck me as particularly delightful, I guess partly because I'm still very much in the wardrobe building stage.

  7. @Laurence: Aww thanks :)

    It's a cool thing to nerd over. Trust me.

    @Shewearscrazywell: Thanks Janna! ^_^

    @Duskrose: Haha I'm glad you liked it, my wardrobe is always in the building stage...I'm somewhat addicted to shopping. Do you know it activates the same dopamine centres of the brain that things that chocolate and heroin do? It's a legitimate addiction, damn it! :P