Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Less Talk, More Rawk

Hello Readers!

I hope everyone is well. I had a lovely weekend just gone packed full of action as I figured I might not be up to a huge one for a while. This is because my works hours were almost doubled and thus I am quite exhausted already and it’s only Wednesday.

I spent Saturday finishing off the Bleach episodes I had on my hard drive (and now I’m craving more but have no way of attaining them!) and then was saved from a boring evening by my friend Todd who invited me up to his place about 50 minutes away for a sort of un-official house warming. His little terrace-style place has heaps of charm and so many fire places! His walk-in-robe is big enough to be a bedroom (and in fact, I slept in there) and they even have a cupboard under the stairs; Harry Potter style! I tried to nap in there, but found my 6 foot + frame was a little cramped. :P

So after a few drinks at Todd’s, we headed out to a quaint little pub we we spent the rest of the night. The next morning I headed home and got ready for afternoon tea with two of my friends from work.

Shannon and I headed over to Jodie’s place in the afternoon where we got up to all sorts of mischief with Jodie’s menagerie of children and animals. Much fun! And the afternoon tea goodies were delicious. :D

Thanks for a lovely time!

Following the conclusion of this working week I have the Spirit of Distinction Steampunk train ride which I am looking forward to ever so much! The only thing is I’m not quite sure of what I’m going to wear. I’m also at a loss for ideas regarding hairstyles. I’ve never been that much of a hair styler, as mine is quite thin and ridiculously hard to get results from. I would greatly appreciate any advice or input from you guys out there! Gah I feel for some reason it’s really important to look amazing for this event, as it’s my first steampunk-themed outing and as I’m often a bit of a steampunk elitist (guilty!) I had better start living up to my big mouth I s’pose. :P

I had some sort of idea in my head of my usual take on a deathhawk and then using a stencil and gold temporary coloured hairspray put cogs or something on the sides of my head where my undercut is. I bought some gold spray today and now I have to sort out some sort of cog/gear stencil. I’ve tried spraying stencils in my hair before and it ended up running everywhere and just looking craptacular. I s’pose it might work better this time as I’d actually be spraying on a little bit of hair rather than my bare shaven head and I think it’d be a good idea to get someone else to do the spraying.

In other news my Black Milk tights arrived today (finally)! I tried them all on and I think my favourites are definitely the New Liquids. I think they’d go really well with the Nurse Betty dress I have from GS that has a PVC collar and trim on the sleeves. My only fear is that I’ll become one of my pet peeves that I was ranting a little about on Amy’s post at The Ultimate Goth Guide the other day. My friend and facebook wife, Tea is always telling me that I’d look good in PVC and although I’m not convinced of this, I loved the style of these tights so much I guess I thought I’d take the risk. I suppose if they look really awful they can serve as a motivating factor in me losing some weight.

Oh and guess what? I think my blog's a year old... See the thing is I created it in April last year but I didn't post till mid May, so I'm counting it from then. So my net is slow and I can't be bothered going through pages to find out the date of my first post on If I Only Were a Goth, so let's just say Happy belated/premature birthday to my blog right now. :P Wooo! I admit I am a bit disappointed that I haven't yet reached 100 posts, but then again I did go something like...3 months without posting because of a lack in any internet options out here in the middle of nowhere.

Happy Birthday Bloggie! :D I hope my readers out there continue to enjoy my blog for a long time to come!


  1. Happy Birthday to If Only I Were a Goth!! :D
    I <3 your blog very much! Your hair is so beautiful! I want green hair too! :P

  2. Have you tried using hairspray on the coloured spray? That might keep it from running everywhere.

    Happy blogoversary! (?)