Monday, May 27, 2013

Bit of a Rant

So I guess tonight I just wanted to vent about something that seriously irritates me. I guess my thoughts on this were instigated by various friends/acquaintances commenting on my love of Black Milk. I can't recall the exact words but they were along the lines of 'Oh Steph, I didn't think you'd be into something so trendy' and 'I didn't think you were the type to get caught up in fads.'

At first this made me extremely self conscious as I've always been a person who prided myself on just doing what I liked, paying no attention to fashion, trends and fads. I felt the need to justify my obsession with this brand and it was just generally a horrible experience every time it happened to pop up in conversation.

Today however as I was cruisin' along in my car bopping along to my usual mix CD of metal and '70s disco I thought about it...Why the fuck am I doing this to myself? Sure, I admit it is a little irritating that something I've been into since the beginning is now being worn by every girl and her dog (literally, there are pictures of people who have put their nylon on their pooches) but I can't bare to part with my little obsession with printed nylon and I shouldn't have to. I'm a big believer in the only thing worse than being a trend follower is someone who stops liking something because it's become trendy. Besides, if I tried to abandon everything that had become trendy (I.e. goth, star Trek and I guess every freakin' geeky thing ever) I'm fairly sure there'd be nothing left for me to ever talk about again except my disdain for ...well everything.

I am a little bit miffed I guess that people now can just happily leap into the fandom moshpit for everything I had to fight against the status quo in a rite of passage of sorts for..but I guess I should be happy for them...And it's true I suppose that the crowd will eventually move onto the next big thing and once again us goths before street goth, trekkies before Abrams and nylon junkies before leggings became a staple will be left behind breathing an avid sigh of relief.


  1. Hee hee, I know your pain. I liked vampires before they were sparkly and Muse before they were trendy. But it sounds kinda silly going on about how you liked something before it was trendy. But if someone brings it up I think it's fair enough to say it, because you're not just liking them because they are trendy. Just stick out your tongue and say, 'they are only trendy because I started the trend. Everyone wanted to be like ME!' and laugh. If you put a bit of humour and a grin into it, you pretty much win the conversation.

    1. Yeah I loved vamps because of Anne Rice and then slowly worked my way backwards from there but I admit I didn't really know many Muse songs till I saw them live in like...2008 or something? So I think I was well and truly on the bandwagon for that one haha :P

      Haha that's a good idea, I've got to remember that one.

    2. Same with me for the vampires thing. Haha!
      Also, Steampunk seems to be having a bit of a trendy surge at the moment, with pop musicians trying (failing) to make Steampunk music videos, and that just annoys me so much! They're essentially ruining something that used to be so amazing.

    3. Yeah it's been on the rise for a while. At first I thought it was great because the number of octopus related things around sky-rocketed...But then Justin Beiber had to go and make a steampunk themed music video and I was like...okay it's gone too far now, I want my sub culture back.

    4. That's example the example what I was thinking too, although I haven't poisoned my eyes by watching his video yet....

  2. You should tell your friends that it has nothing to do with things being trendy, but because you like something. Even if you found it because it became trendy, it makes no difference. Goth tends to be trendy and punk is "the thing" this coming winter; doesn't make anyone who finds these subcultures because of their trendiness any less legit, it just means they found them differently than how people use to.

  3. That's like me and a lot of bands.

    I'd always tell people, "Oh you should listen to this band!" "Nah."

    Nek minnit.

    Stfu no you do not.
    I feel your pain.