Monday, May 27, 2013


So I'm lazy and so rather than making a real post I'm just going to do another one with a bunch of pics from instagram. Follow me @sydneysomething

 So I'm officially obsessed with my Space Bubble liquid leggings

 Selfies before heading out to the NSW meet up for Black Milk

 Sunday morning after the meet up; slept in make up good enough to wear out the next day (so classy)

 Trying to decide what to wear to the meet up!

 The Dairy, a phone case and accessories company are giving away a free custom phone case. I REALLY want a Garrus one sooo bad!

 My legs in Black Spartans (BM re-posted me!)

 I finally found more green glitter polish today!!!!

 Green gamer dress and black wetlook suspenders scored at the BM sample sale


Trying out my new suspenders and some layering for this bitter winter that's arrived early


  1. You have a grand black milk collection! I love these bubbly ones. One day I will buy a black milk leggings myself.

  2. ga nduwe alis,sampean lak iso ndelok tuyul laan mbak