Friday, May 31, 2013


So as far as make up goes, I'm not one for lipstick really. As it is I wear a crap-tonne of make up when I can be bothered to put it on and I s'pose I figured where  I can cut costs or whatever, that was always an easy choice. Plus having quite thin lips, I never thought it looked all that good on me.

Well I guess it was watching too many of Grav3yard Girl's videos that did it but this week I felt like maybe I outta step out of my comfort zone a little in regards to lip products. I scrounged up on of the only lipsticks I own, a Nude Apricot colour from Avon that I'd purchased back in the day on a whim.

 Here's me cam-whoring with the Avon lipstick on

This particular product has a core of lipbalm, I guess to make it more moisturising than a normal lipstick. Problem that arises with this is that the lipstick bleeds/feathers almost immediately and me not owning any lip liner couldn't really do much about it. I s'pose it's also probable that I was applying it wrong, as I admit I know nothing about lipstick but I can't imagine there's that much of an art to it.

Anyway, still on my lip-kick, I impulse-bought this Rimmel pinky-nude colour from the chemist whilst I waited for a prescription to be filled. Whilst Kate Moss would normally be enough to turn me off just about anything but perhaps a large plate of fries, I guess the black, simplistic packaging got me and at only $5 I was like eh, what the hell.


According to the bottom it's what I assume is Shade 7, 'Lasting Finish by Kate'

I wore it to class and only touched it up once after eating pizza at lunch. I don't really have anything to compare it to as to whether this is good lasting period for a lipstick but I wasn't too bothered with it. Normally in summer I'd be touching up my foundation to remain matte multiple times a day and anything less than that I guess wouldn't be an issue.


Lippy after class had finished at around 5pm.

So I guess all I can say in summary is that as a lipstick novice, I was quite satisfied with the product. Still not sure I'm crazy about how lipstick looks on me but eh, it's fun to shake things up sometimes :)

That's all for now,

Over and Out!

The Green Fairy 


  1. Class, what class? What is this I don't know about your life? :p