Wednesday, May 1, 2013

10 Products I Couldn't Live Without

So I saw whilst checking out a make up enthusiast's facebook page that she had made a post about her top 10 favourite products or the 10 she couldn't live without. So I thought, why not do they same? Mine won't be as informative I guess...Not being a make up artist but in any case I thought it'd be fun.   ^_^

So here they are:

Starting at the top and going clockwise;
1. Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (they're both the same, just different packaging examples). I like this because so far in my exploration of the world of skin care it seems to give my skin the least reaction and completely saturates my skin in moisture. I have combination skin, so for my severe dry patches like on my cheek and temple regions this is perfect however I am very stingy with product on my T-zone as it is rather oily already.

2. Amelia Arsenic's Miss X Eye glitter in 'Absinthe. This product is sort of just filling in for my favourite glitter that I use for my eyebrows which is called 'Radioactive' I'm pretty sure and is by Medusa's Make up. However, 'Absinthe' seems to be a very similar (if not the same pigment) as my first choice and other than having smaller packaging it doesn't really have anything to complain about that I've encountered so far.

3. Maybelline Mineral Power Blush in 'Original Rose'. It's not that I love Maybelline or that this is my holy grail of blushes or anything, it's just that I use such a small amount of product that I haven't really had need to buy that much in the way of blush. I use foundation to cover up my redness so I don't really want to be putting a whole lot more of it back on my face...That would defeat the purpose. I just use a tiny amount to make me look slightly less dead and to highlight my cheekbones a little. So far this product is light enough and the right colour and so it does the job good enough for me to continue buying it till I find something better.

4. Duo Waterproof eyelash adhesive. This product I have found to be the only eyelash glue that actually works and so I will buy it and use it every time over all the little tubes that come in your false eyelash packaging. Also it seems not to sting my eyes as much as the others which is always a bonus.

5. Illamasqua's Powder Foundation in 100. Before I starting using this product I used the pallest powder foundation by manic panic to set my liquid foundation. However, if you will pardon my pun, Manic Panic pales in comparison. I feel like Illamasqua's product actually sets my face as opposed to Manic Panic's product just...I dunno, soaking up the excess moisture. Before my face would begin to show signs of oxidisation after about an hour. Now it's more like 5 (on really depends on what I'm doing and the weather). So yeah...Illasmaqua's powder makes Manic Panic's look like I was just sticking my face in a bag of flour. I hope I never have to find an alternative because this is reformulated or discontinued. Also, I have been known to use 105 (white with pink undertones) if I'm trying to look a little less gawff...But that's not all that often. :P

6. Maybelline's Define-A-Lash Waterproof Mascara in  'Very Black'. My eyelashes are stupid. Like...They are literally 'that guy' Impossible to work with and make an otherwise great environment a real pain in the butt. They're short, dead-straight and seem to fall out at the top of a hat. This mascara (and believe me I've tried A LOT) seems to be the only one that doesn't make them look like spider legs.

7. Illamasqua's Waterproof Precision Ink in 'Abyss'. Only liquid liner I can get any results out of without ending up looking something along the lines of Amy Winehouse. Felt tip style with a slightly more flexible end for getting those cat-eye flicks. Love it.

8. Loreal's Studio Secrets Anti-Shine Mattifying Primer. So I heard of the grapevine that Loreal is kind'a a shitty company and I only really bought this because I ran out of my both my Bodyography anti-redness and Illamasqua's mattifying primers but I hate to say that it's pretty good. It seems to do as-good a job as both those and the few times I've used Mac's Prep and Prime.'s cheaper. Probably wouldn't be if I didn't live in this facist, ridiculously high make up taxing shit-hole but eh...wha'da ya' gonna do?

9. Loreal's 18hr Infallible Foundation in 'Classic Ivory'. So...This shade is the lightest they make and it's still like 10 shades too dark but I still believe this foundation is the best full coverage foundation I've tried.. It lasts all day and night and then if you forget to wash it off before bed the next day as well. It covers all my freckles, redness and blemishes and makes me feel like a china doll once it's actually make to resemble close to my real skin tone. I can understand it wouldn't be the choice for every one because it's very heavy and a lot of people don't like feeling make up on their face. I however don't feel it...Whether that's just a matter of me being used to having on my face or that it just was never something that bothered me, I don't know. All I do know is that if this ever disappears I will cry. I've been using this for pretty much every occasion I wear make up since I first bought it back in like... 2007? Maybe early 2008? I must have spent hundreds on the stuff :S

10. Sugarpill's Pressed Eyeshadow in 'Bulletproof'. Goth's black eyeshadow holy grail. That's all. Nothing else need be said. Buy it, it's awesome; I love it.

Aaaanyway that's about all I got to say today. More text-heavy than I usually get but whatever. Hope this was at least vaguely interesting for some of you out there in blogging land. Oh and welcome to my new followers ^_^

Over and out

The Green Fairy

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