Friday, May 31, 2013

The Plague, Life and Gaming

 Bit of a whingy post today followers, so avert your gaze if you're disinterested in posts about the inner workings of my life :P

Gah, I am so sick of being sick! I think my doctor is also sick of seeing me too :P I'm on my second round of antibiotics as of today for this stupid cough that has now turned into a chest infection and also started on some sort of bloody steroid to make me heal faster or some crap. I'm also putting away 4000mg of vitamin C a day -.-
Reason being is I have surgery soon and I can't be sick for it ergh :/ I don't know how much I've mentioned but I'm having a tumour removed from my liver and I got my date for surgery yesterday. Not gonna lie...I'm a bit scared >.> the meantime I've been planning my funeral (and what a great affair it will be) just in case I actually do die haha. But, if I don't I'll come out of it with a wicked and massive scar across my abdomen!

In light of this I've been splurging on various things including a new Black Milk item and the new Tomb Raider game! Gah I can't wait to play it but it needs a stupid update and my net is crap and also I probably shouldn't be downloading it with our really limited amount of data we have here...But YOLO I guess haha. I promise that will be the first and last time I ever use that term on my blog *crosses heart*.

Woooo! Tomb Raider!

I'm also majorly lusting over UNIF's Hellbound boots. They've recently been restocked on Solestruck and I keep checking if my size is still in stock every hour on the hour hahaha.

Mind the puddle of drool on the floor...

Anyway, hopefully I can get this game fully installed so I can play it alllll weekend long. That intertwined with a lot of sleeping sounds like a solid plan for fun. 

Anyway I'm off now to play a few rounds of Plants Vs Zombies and then perhaps read a chapter or two of my book before I head to bed.

Sleep well (or have a good day to those not in the southern hemisphere!) 

Over and Out

The Green Fairy


  1. perfect heel!

  2. Pretty sure I would fall over and break my neck in those heels, but I can admire them from afar!

    Yes, a lot of us have been struck down by that cold that just goes on and on. Mine seems to be a throat infection. I hope you are well in time for hospital. I am sure it will all be fine! :)

    1. I probably will too but I love heels all the same :P

      Gah they're such a pain! Thanks honey :)

  3. No better way to feel better than by buying awesome stuff. I hope you get better soon!

  4. I tagged you for the blog challenge BTW. Details on my blog :)

  5. Oh my, and you seem to be so young. :/ How did you find out?
    I hope everything will go fine at the hospital.

    1. My tests from a previous trip to hospital hadn't returned to normal. Thanks honey!