Friday, May 3, 2013

Outfit and New Leggings

So I've been feeling especially crap lately...which sucks and on Monday I have an appointment with a surgeon to discuss surgery I have to have :/ Sooo I guess I'm blogging a lot lately to try and distract myself..Plus watching lots of Star Trek and Star Gate to remind me that I guess in a sense there's more out there than my issues and to try and look at the bigger picture, not getting caught up in stress and worry about my own problems. A little cliché maybe :P Buut whatever works I guess.

Anyway, I also finding getting dressed up nicely lifts my spirits so I've not been allowing myself to stay in my robe or pjs all day when I have no where to go. So here's my outfit for the day!

Witch King leggings and Burned Velvet Butterfly Top - Black Milk Clothing
Velvet Bolero - Gallery Serpentine
Patent boots - Big W
Scarf - Some random stall in Asia (gift from Mumsie)

Also my latest pair of nylons came today...Yeah I have a problem and have done since 2010 :/ These are Suicide of Morozumi leggings;

Pretty nifty.

Anyway, I don't have any more to add so I'm off.

-The Green Fairy

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