Friday, July 16, 2010

Hello Lamp-post, wha'cha knowin'?

So I'm very excited about what I created this new post for! If you'll remember not too long ago I did a little feature on this new website I'd discovered called Black Milk that sells unique tights, bodysuits and swimming costumes. Well, I was a big fan of their Snake tights:

However, the colours wouldn;t go to well with anything I own. So I emailed them today and they're going to make a custom pair of tights for me in this material:

They're costing me about $93 Australian, which is rather expensive, but considering they're probably OOAK or very close to it, and that I was considering buying two pairs of $60 tights, I can live with it.

I also purchased this dress from Beserk that I had again mentioned earlier:

As well as this nice little hoodie for snuggling up at home:

So once they arrive I'll be taking pics of my great new wardrobe additions!

Plus I also bought some new manic panic face powder, for that lovely deathly-white glow that I like to rock and new massive fake eyelashes for when I'm feeling particularly cyber goth! As well as some fake spacer earrings, 'cause I like them, but I don;t want to have to have surgery when I'm older because of some stupid fad whilst I'm young. Which, I'm aware probably makes me a poser...Oh well! :P

Anyway, that's all I can think of at the mo.

Later guys



  1. You should check out this website:

    I can say now, its probably only ever going to have a few good things on the whole website, but its worth a look?

  2. Where did you get the fake spacers from? I want to get some too :D