Thursday, July 8, 2010

Keel over and Dye

So today I wanted to show you guys out there this cute little site I came across tha mainly specializes in tights (I thought Gracie might like it). It's called Black Milk, and they make the most original tights I've ever seen anywhere. The ones I like best are the peacock ones:

And these awesome Giraffe ones:

As much as I love the giraffe ones, I don;t think I'd have anything to wear them with. But def. check them out, they have a few interesting and original designs.

I also wanted to mention my hair hair dye which I received in the mail yesterday. Along with my usual 'Apple Green' from Directions La Riche, I also got myself a tub of 'Fluorescent Glow' Which on it's own makes a really fluro yellow colour, but mixed with other pigments, lightens them a touch and makes them GLOW UNDER BLACK LIGHT!

Unfortunately I do not have a black light, but as soon as I acquire/ borrow one and test my new dye out I'll post a pic on here of the product.

And here's a few pics of my usual hair dying products. I still have a bit of 'Enchanted Forest' from Manic Panic left over from last year which I use to dye the darker bits of my hair where the bleach didn't take so well.

I also will add that my new garments from GS have been ordered and I of course will take some photos of them when I get them!

oh and also, before I forget, my blog got a mention! This time, from someone I don't know in real life, and didn't arrange beforehand! It's here! It's just a little post referring to me having a bitch about Clockwork Couture, as I have already right here :P Enjoy!


  1. oh that's cool! the mention thing.
    Those tights are cool, if only my ass looked like the models does in tights :p

  2. That's brill about those tights...they are fuckin'mint.

    Haha, Yay about non known references/mentions!

  3. GLOW??? Hair glowing green!! I am in awe and amazement!
    Where did you get that product from??

  4. Haha I love you enthusiasm! The product is an additive that you mix with other colours from Directions La Riche in order to make them UV reactive (Though I do have a friend that recently just used the additive itself as a dye for a rave we attended). It's called flourescent glow, I get it along with my other dyes off eBay; much cheaper that way, especially if you buy in bulk like I do.