Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rapid Movements in Your Mind's Eye

Okay, so Grace suggested to me that I might do a post on how I might go about doing my makeup. So I've made this tutorial type thing for one of my preferred make up styles for a goth event or just a night I feel like looking a bit formidable! Obviously this isn't appropriate for everyday or every outfit, but it's just a nice, colourful and fun style. I've also incorporated some photos of most of the tools I've used in making this.

WARNING! Includes some UGLEH photos of me with no foundation on! Eeep! Not all of us can be naturally beautiful I s'pose. Anyway, here we go! (p.s. you might have to click to enlarge some of these photos to see the details).

I will be using my Coastal Scents 88 Colour Palette as shown below.

I have circled to two colours I've used in red.

Firstly clean your face and apply primer; be sure to pay special attention to your eyelids and any areas that may be less consistent texture-wise than the rest of your face.

Now apply the, lighter green all over the lid with a general eyeshadow brush, and be sure to blend it into the crease of your eye. Also, I like to add a green lining with the same eyeshadow under the eye with an angled brush in order to make it 'pop' more dramatically. The photo above shows the difference between the eye with and without the green lining. If you don't like it, obviously don't include it.

Next we apply the dark green over most of the lid, however avoid the inner corner in order to conserve the nice gradient. As before, be sure to blend well into the crease; I find the best way to do that is to blend it whilst your eye is open, sweeping across with your eye as wide as it can go. It's a little hard to explain if you don't know what I mean, but I guess if you know me in real life you can just ask me to show you :P

Now we apply the black to the outer corner of the eye and up into the crease, about a third of the way across the eye. Remember to PRESS the black it, especially if your black eyeshadow is as crumbly and bad-a-quality as the one I was using when I did this. Pressing decreases the amount of excess that just falls all over your face as opposed to a sweeping motion. However, if you do get a bit of excess on your face, and you're like me and aren't a connoisseur of professional makeup brushes, just dust over the area quickly with your largest powder brush.

As I've said, blending is probably the most important thing about getting nice looking eyeshadow, so I've ensured I've put in both a before and after blending photo. Obviously above looks ridiculous, this is BEFORE blending.

And this is after. I've blended the black out quite a lot, but I wanted a very dramatic look. I also re-shape the edges of my eyeshadow by wiping off excess with makeup remover and a tissue; this also makes applying foundation easier around a more contoured edge. I know you're generally s'pose to apply foundation before-hand, but I lean of my face a lot and often have excess everywhere, so i find it easier to apply it after.

Here is an example of how I've tidied up the side of my eyeshadow; the left is tidied, the right is how it was when I applied it.

Mascara to the other eye (dunno why I already had it applied to one eye :P), pencil eyeliner and liquid foundation.

Powder foundation.

Black cheekbone lines, just done with my blending brush with the excess black that was already on it. Also go over my eyebrows with a bit of black eyeshadow, but my eyebrows always look retarded :P

I was also going to apply my fake eyelashes but for some reason they refused to stick to my eyes, and after I took the pics I also added liquid eyeliner.

Finishing touch, Absinthe flavoured lip balm,; that extra something special for a green fairy ;)

Now for the tools!
General eyeshadow brush

Angle brush

Blending brush

Large powder brush

Concealer, dunno if it actually does anything but :P

Powder for that added goth pallor

Pencil eyeliner, though this one is shit so don't get it. I just couldn't find my other one.

Liquid eyeliner.

I dunno why but I always like to add the tiniest bit of blush to my cheeks.

Full-coverage liquid foundation

I've always used this primer because it's the only one that they sell at big w, but Grace let me try some of her MAC sample and it's AMAZING. So I bought some, can't wait to try it :P

Blush brush

Mascara, I just like this one 'cause I don't seem to get clumps with it.

And yes, well that's all really. I should be getting some of my new purchases next week, and Grace and I will hopefully be able to organise a nice shoot soon, so that will be fun times.

Okay, I'm out. Laterz!

Steffles/ Syddie



  1. Woooo, yeah! Hahaha, I really like this post, I'm always so lazy with my make up but now I wanna try!
    Of course... It will look ridiculous on me because lots of eyeshadow always seems to look silly on me, but I'll try anyway.
    And don't be ridiculous, you don't look ugly in any of these pictures you look normal, and your face is looking very skinny. grunt.
    Yay! I was thinking that I wouldn't mind someone doing a shoot totally devoted to me :p hahaha so funny, but seriously, I never just model I always mostly take photos and model a bit. You can be that person that takes my photo if you want :p
    And we should also do like a goth photo shoot, like where we're both goth. Hmmm... yes. Not this coming weekend but the one after!

  2. Fark me...effort much!

  3. I dunno about that, I used to think the same way till I started to teach myself how to wear it properly, but I guess also you have to adjust style to the shape of your eyelids etc.

    Skinny? Thanks :P Awesommeeee

    I am completely fine with doing a full shoot of you. We just have to get together and discuss what kind of feel we want for it, style and whatever else.

    Goths ftw! Have you got any clothes that would suit?

  4. And fish, it takes effort to be goth :P

  5. Hehe :P For my birthday I got a packet of absinthe mints too :P They came in a cool tin