Monday, July 19, 2010

Jesus was a zombie

Hahahahaha! Oh so, I started typing my new post here and I got interrupted, and when I came back I saw that all I had written was "So I came.." Oh, yes, I know, I know, small things small minds, but sexual innuendo is a big part of my life amongst my friends :P Grace gets it, don't 'cha Grace?

So anyway, I CAME across a few new sites over the weekend and discovered a few little beauties. Now I'm not normally into brands like Lip Service, with their mass produced clothes for mall-goths, probably the reason why I didn't discover these pants long ago; however when I saw these I thought I might be able to make an exception!

Pants found here.

Look at them, in all their infinite green and black glory. So, I want them, but after I have made all these other purchases I might not be able to afford them, but we'll see. I'm looking into buying them off ebay, because the shipping will be like 70% cheaper. Actually, I think it's the shipping that deterred me from buying them the instant I saw them. From the website I found them off; Infectious Threads shipping is like $40 American. So, I went searching, and it turned out to be like 40 cents different on the Lip Service website, and they didn't have my size anyway, but I found them on ebay from an Aussie seller with shipping amounting to $6! The product is more expensive, but all together I stand to save around $35. Hooray!

I seem to be having an obsession with cyber goth at the moment, I've always been kind'a turned off by the whole cyber goth thing; obviously something has caused that to change. I have a feeling it's because I've been reading a lot about Adora Batbrat lately. She's a gothic youtube-sensation, model, clothes designer and a kind'a bad singer (:P) with a large interest in outrageous gothic makeup and what not. I've been reading her blog and just generally getting into her head.

Can you believe she's 37? Well, I think she might be a bit older now, but god, she looks hot for her age.

Anyway back to my point so I found these AMAZING cyber-goth boots, supposedly by Demonia; though I find it hard to believe I could never have seen these before!

Boots can be found here

They have an actual working light in them, I'm thinking it's probably that circular, lime-like thing on the heel and the green sections glow under uv light. Gah I want them, but at over $300 not including postage from Germany on the website I found them on, XtraX; they'll be staying on their little shelf for quite a while.

And today my new foundation and false eyelashes arrived which is exciting!

p.s. when my snake skin tights arrive I have a cool idea for makeup for my snake-themed outfit!

Anyway, that's about all,


Steffles xx


  1. Hehehehe, yeah. I like how you tagged me twice :p like, you did. :p