Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rosemary, Cherries and an Angel's kiss in Spring

So I don't have a lot to post about at the moment because my idea for interviewing people in order to better understand people's perceptions when it comes to stereotypes didn't seem to go down that well and my new clothes aren't to arrive for a few weeks. Grace suggested I do one about how I do makeup or something, but I dunno... I kind'a feel that I do a bit of a dodgy job and I want some new false eyelashes before I embark on any eye makeup tutorials - and some new brushes wouldn't go astray either. Sigh, I need things and more things, always with the things. I'm such a materialistic bitch :P

Anyway so I just though I might post a few pics taken on the weekend by Grace that I had a little fiddle with on CS3.

I kind'a got there late so the excitment was over by the time I got there photography-wise. However, we did play a nice game of tennis and our sunday best (on a saturday :P )

Yeah, that's all really :P


Steffles xx

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  1. why didn't your stereotype thing go down too well? I'll do it! :p