Sunday, January 23, 2011

21 Years Young

As I promised a little while ago, and as I would have done if I'd had internet at the time, tonight I'm doing a post about my 21st Birthday Party held back in August of 2010. It was held at this old Victorian house that nowadays is used as a conference centre. I was joined by my closest friends and family for an afternoon high tea party with the theme 'Anachronisms'.

The photos are curtsey of very talented Rodney Shrimpton, my mother, mein Bruder, Philip and Gracie too. Actually, there were a shitload of people with my camera that day, so if I don't credit I don't know :P

[Warning: This is quite a pic-heavy post!]

The beautiful Victorian building!

The front door - pretty!


One of the chandeliers

My mum and I :-)

What I wore:
Corset and shirt: Gallery Serpentine
Jeans: Just Jeans (don't judge me, I love jeans and I like their jeans!)
Jacket: Fanplusfriend
Shoes: Easy Living Footwear
Cameo: Ebay
Hat: In Visible Light, Newtown
Smile (kind'a obscured in this pic :P): The heart :)

Gracie enjoying some nice scones with jam and cream (yum!)

Roo hangin' out

Kat - Photo by Rodney Shrimpton

Zach, Sam as the Doctor and Rosemary - Photo by Gracie Johns (I think :P)

Pat, Todd and Zoe - Photo by Gracie Johns (again, not positive, so sorry if I make mistakes people!)

Philip the cool cat

Zach as the Fonz

Damien, my brother from another mother

After giving a bit of a talk, Laura and James, two very good friends of mine took me for a turn about the room; something of which was a common practice in the 19th century and a bit of a personal joke between us three :)

Philip, mein Bruder <3

Opening presents - a girl can never have enough tea cups!

More presents! One of the cups from the lovely tea set I got :D

Some of my friends got me this awesome necklace, 'cause they know how much I love cameos. Thanks guys! *purrs*

Fish just generally bein' awesome

Todd and Pat

Laura and James the onion farmer (also a personal joke :P)

Sarah as a pretty maiden and Jamie and Bec as Dinosaurs - Photo by Rodney Shrimpton

I really liked this one because of the way it made my hair look - Photo by Gracie Johns

Kat and I - Photo by Gracie Johns

Zoe trying out her own little version of 'Up!' :P - Photo by Rodney Shrimpton

Gracie and Rosemary giving a little talk before they presented the movie they made me. That reminds me, I need to find that... - Photo by Rodney Shrimpton

Rodney's lovely wife, Susan - photo by Rodney Shrimpton

Beautiful Laura dressed as Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice? :P I think so - Photo by Rodney Shrimpton

Rosemary as Cyndi Lauper - Photo by Rodney Shrimpton

Me opening even more gifts :D

Blown(ing) out the candles

The cake!!! Such good cake. I loved it except for the stupid flowers they put on it :P

Mum and I again

Myself listening to my friends tell lies about me to my parents :P - photo by Rodney Shrimpton

Cutting the cake - Photo by Rodney Shrimpton

Fawning over Rod's camera - photo by Rodney Shrimpton

Fish as one of the 'incomplete' robots from Doctor Who, myself and Gracie the pinup - Photo by Rodney Shrimpton

Finally the key...To my chastity belt :P

The party was as wonderful as I'd hoped; I'd been planning to have a tea party for ages. I had a smaller and crappier version for my 19th in one of the local parks here, but this was just perfect. Unfortunatly, quite a few people couldn't make it. However, the most important people in my life came and I just wanted to thank you guys very much for making it such a special day for me! Love you all!

As to my readers that may not necessarily be in my close circle of friends over here in Aus, I hope you enjoyed the post - it took forever to find all those photos and I'm sure it also took forever to load the page :P

Thanks for reading my lovelies!

p.s. 24 followers, hurrah!

Over and out,

Steph/Syd/The Green Fairy


Listening to: Assorted Jacques Brel


  1. hurrah! see those followers just keep comin :p
    i like that first picture of myself, it's mad :p

  2. That looks like it was amazing! You have the most beautiful shade of green hair I've seen. It makes me miss my blue even more.
    I want to have a tea party for my birthday now. We're doing one for my daughter's 3rd, so I'll get my tea fix.

  3. Your birthday looked like so much fun! I haven't had an actual party for my birthday since I was like 11...

  4. Officially most awesomest birthday party EVER. Actually, I just made my mum look at your pics and said, "My 21st. Here is your blueprint."

    Your corset is stunning, too =)

  5. Wow! That is one awesome birthday party! I loved looking at the pics too! I also loved the hat!

  6. Oh thanks for the comments guys, you are all so sweet :D <3

    @Grace: Yeah I liked it, that's why it's in their :p Pity it's a bit dark though. I'll have to teach Phil how to use the camera properly one day - I think it was Phil...

    @Stephanie: Thanks! I mix up 3 different colours from Directions to get my own little unique shade for the top, and I use Manic Panic Enchanted Forest on the ends which have issues with taking lighter colours. What kind of a blue were you - by that I mean dark, light royal etc? Ooo how cute, I hope you put pics up of the little ones when you hold it! :D

    @Gracie: Really? Since you were 11? I demanded parties for my 16th, 18th and 21st :P The others I vaguely remember...Or...don't :P I think it was a bi-annual occurrence to have a few friends over for a sleep over and cake and stuff. I think this would be a good time to start whinging at your folks for one :P

    @Ultimategothguide: I'm so glad you liked it, it really was exactly as I'd hoped. Haha, and I love that you said that to your mum :D When are you turning 21? I demand photos! :P

    Angel of Darkness: Thank you! I'm glad all those pics didn't seem to get on anyone's nerves. I think most of you guys probably have real internet connections so it doesn't matter so much :P And thanks, I'm quite fond of my little hat :)