Thursday, January 6, 2011


So I've never thought that cyberlox or dreadfalls would suit me. However, after I found out a good friend of mine, Jess has started making her own dreads through her business Opiate Dreads, I began to re-think my assumption. Lucky for me, Jess offered me a very good price to make a set of dreads as she was just trying to get her business off the ground and build up her portfolio. I received them not long before I went on holidays, and only got around to taking some proper photos of them this evening.

And here they are! I'm really fond of them :)

And yes I will be adding some photos of them on me, however I want to wait till I'm dressed up for an event so as to actually do them justice. So, expect to see these next month after I travel to my old uni stomping grounds in the 'Berra to see Jess, her boyfriend Nick and Tea when I attend Chrome :D As well as visiting some old uni buddies and what not.

What do you guys think?

Also Black Waterfall have added a few more sterotypes since my last visit as a friend informed me of today on facefail. Although my image below doesn't show them (because I couldn't find one of these tagging things with the new additions) Faerie and Tribal goth have been tacked on the end :P

I was thinking about what I would be...My friend tagged me on facefail as Victorian Goth, which I agree with in part, because most of my clothes are victoriana. However, I think I have definitely have elements of Steampunk goth and some small Faerie goth quirks as well as some perky goth accessories, Deathrocker hawk and cybergoth boots and music tastes..Hmm I'd be glad for imput here :P Though I like the idea I don't fit in any one category, I do hope you my readers agree :P

What about you guys, where do you fit in?


  1. I love you Syd, You are uncomprimising.

    You make me want to be a better person,
    a stronger person, with a stronger sense of identity

    <3 you,

  2. Todd? Only you and my internety friends call me Syd any more, which is ashame because I love that nickname :P

    You are far too kind, seriously.

    I hope this is Todd, as I'm going to say I love you too :P Be weird if it was some random :P

  3. cool, i want to see them on you :p

    i would be... non goth :p

  4. Those are very cool dreads, I love them!

  5. I am in between Old School Goth, Cabaret Goth an Corp Goth. :)