Monday, January 3, 2011

Thank Science That's Over...

By that I mean 2010. I think a lot of you who read this would know, either through it effecting yourselves, or through previous posts that 2010 hasn't been the greatest year in both my life, and that of my close friends. So without going into any more detail, you can imagine I'll be glad to see the back of 2010; and boy am I.

So fuck you 2010, and bring on 2011!

I rang in the new year up in Port Macquarie with my friend 'Fish', whom I met at uni early in 2010.

We drank a bit :P

before heading out to the local carnival to watch a few fireworks and have a go on the rides,

before heading off to a nice Cocktail Cafe joint called Fig where Fish treated me to a few Vanilla Russians :-D They were sooooo good. Thanks Fish!

Quickly before I move on I'll just mention that my green and Black pants were from Lip Service, my purple waistcoat is from Cue, the brooch is from Tentacle Threads and the Jabot is from FanPlusFriend.

Anyway, so now onto my plans for 2011;

1. Live every day for George.
2. Move to Melbourne
3. Stop spending money on non-necessities
4. Buy new SLR and lenses in preparation for Uni
5. Get together a portfolio
6. Tell my friends I love them more often
7. Go on a date
8. Actually talk to someone I'm crushing on, as opposed to facefail stalking them :P
9. Make a new friend
10. Get back in the saddle (literally, I haven't ridden in two years!)
11. Go back to reading a book a week
12. Kiss someone in a romantic manner whilst sober
13. Become more active
14. Attempt to keep my room tidier
15. Watch more anime (as long as it doesn't interfere with life :P)
16. Get a new hairstyle
17. Adopt a cat (if my family will ever let me!)
18. Be a bit more adventurous with food
19. Eat less takeaway food
20. Get a sleep routine happening

Okay, well we have some exciting posts coming up when it comes to new additions so keep your eyes peeled!

Oh and I'd like to welcome the new followers! Woo 14!

Okay, nighty night



Edit: 16 followers wooooooo!!!


  1. oooh i agree with 12, i need that one :p

  2. More than my pleasure Steph, was great to have you here! :D

  3. Hey we do have some similiar things! Mua ha ha :P Oh pick me as new friend! MEEEE!

    Hahaha okay sorry, been up way to early working & i'm a bit hyper ^___^ Oh & Belinda is follinw you to i see! Yay for 16 followers! I got also suddenly 3 followers on one day O_O

  4. Yes a few. Okay, there's one crossed off already!

    That's okay, I love hyper. I spent my childhood hyper :P Yes, Belinda I think started following me today :D haha yay!

  5. Belinda is cooool! Hhahaa
    she's my best friend lol XD

    I'm going to do reviews about fastfood :P

  6. Oh awesome!

    Haha, I should do those, I'm an expert no doubt :P

  7. Same! Hahaha XD
    Could be an interesting project ... *thinking about updating last blogpost*

  8. My goal is also to make a new friend! A female friend, because I don't have any of those here at school. You have so many, I only have two New Year's resolutions...

  9. Gracie, I'm positive that's a good thing. You want to change less things about your life? Definitely a good thing. :D

  10. I dare you back! Hahahaha XD
    Oi, maybe we should make a blogbannerthingy for our blogs & our fastfoodreviews? So we can pass followers to each other to? XD