Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My first teen house party...

...and I'm not a teen. Yes, it's true ladies and gents, I was a bit of a good girl during my youth and so I never attended any of these wild, out of control house parties with alcohol to spare and even more willing sexual partners to be had. However, I was fortunate(?) enough to attend my friend Michael's band, Sludgemander's EP launch on the weekend just gone and it gave me a real insight into just what I was NOT missing out on during my teens :P

Yes everyone was shit-faced, in the air hung an unmistakable hint of weed and there were people making out practically on top of me. I felt like an old granny, sitting on my little chair with my other 20-something year old friends. Except, they were generally laughing, whilst I tended to be scowling disapprovingly. My bad mood may also have been related to the fact that I had been sick the previous 4 days and was still on meds for that and the fact that I'm trying to cut down on my drinking, so I was unbelievably sober.

Anyway, I still did manage to have a reasonably good time with my friends and Gracie brought her new camera along to photograph the band and so we got a few cool shots of ourselves I thought I might share. It was also a bit of a milestone because I wasn't wearing any eye make up! Oh and nevermind my septum horseshoe missing one of the balls...Yeah I need to get a new one...

Grace and I

Man those were gooood

Weird head shape

Caitlin and I

Naww Vinnie, myself and Grace

Vinnie, myself and Rosemary; don't worry, out EP is coming out soon :P

Caitlin and I amongst the debauchery

Us again

More horse face shots - thaank you very much wide-angled lens


Anyway that's all for now dearies!

Over and out,

Steph/Syd/The Green Fairy


  1. Yeah, teen parties were the worst. I think I went to one and said "F**k this". My husband and I always go to "adult" parties. Less people trying to get down your pants and more poker. Ohhh poker.
    Cute pictures though. =]

  2. Ran across your blog from the Ultimate Goth Guide. I am now in love with your hair. It really works. Enjoying your blog.

  3. @Stephanie: Oh I love playing cards! I don't get to really play anymore. My paternal grandmother taught me pretty much everything I know about cards and we spent most of my childhood either playing cards or watching 'Keeping Up Appearances' or both :P We used to play poker just as a joke when we were teens, but because it wasn't for real money, or some other incentive, the whole calling or folding thing just didn't worked so my friends called my bluff every time.

    But yes, I prefer more grown up parties. Maybe not what I would consider adult, like the kind my parents go to; but I prefer just a few close friends and maybe some nice wine with dinner or some cider and a movie or something chilled like that. I LOVE tea parties, I don't consider them adult of course, but they're hell'a more mature than the party I posted about above :P

    Wow, okay end of my trailing off :P

    @Siouxsielaw: Oh yes, I love the ultimate goth guide, and thank you very much! Hope you keep reading. I'mma go check and see if you have a blog now ^_^