Sunday, January 30, 2011

A long hard and rocky road out of hell

I was a little bored this afternoon, so in true Adora Batbrat style whilst I went grocery shopping with my Mum, I decided I'd make some rocky road or 'choc roc' like we used to do in Year 7 Science when we studied diffusion!

I didn't use a recipe or anything, not like you really need to anyway...I just re-did what we did when I was 13 :P

And now for the fridge!

Annnd a few hours later, yum yum!

Oh and I found a few pics I like on my phone today I thought I'd share

Wearing my new falls

New top hat!

Sittin' on my Nan's veranda up at Coffs

Cool var in the WOW carpark

That's all for tonight, I'm off to watch Bleach and eat rocky road :D


The Green Fairy

Listening to: Dir En Grey baby yeah!


  1. What a strange food combination :D

  2. YOUR FALLS ARE HOT!! Lara or Jess?

    -Ms. T <3

  3. Sara: have you never had rocky road before?! It's AMAZING!

    Tea: Thank you wifey :D They're Jess'

  4. Oh man, yum! I wish you wouldn't call yourself a 'very amateur' photographer in your about me. You need to stop being so afraid of judgement in the photographic sense! :p

  5. Oh it was glorious to say the least! I'm thinking of making some more very soon.

    Well, I look at other photographers and they're just so good and I haven't had training and compared to them I just see myself as a big ball of amateur.