Sunday, January 9, 2011

Turn On Your Brain, Baby

Howdy folks, hope you're all well! Before I begin today I'd just like to mention that I got another follower yesterday, so now I'm up to 17! It's very exciting for me! So thank you! :D

Anyway, I finally got around to taking a crap load of photos of most of the recent editions to my accessories collection obtained at Worn Wild late last year in Sydney, in my Christmas trip to Coffs Harbour or just randomly off the net that I haven't posted about yet. Oh and this is quite a pic heavy post, so sorry if your net is mine :P

This cute little clip was on sale at a nice little boutique here in Orange called 'The Road to Cinnabar'. I think it was around $10

These sunnies my good friend Todd gave me when I stayed with him on the weekend I visited Worn Wild. He saw them and apparently thought I had to have them :) Thanks Todd!

These awesome Frank Hair toggle thingos I got at Victorian Gothic in Melbourne.

This cuthulu clip I got at Worn Wild, however I can't remember which stall sorry :( I think it was $10

This cog is rather large, it's like...The size of my hand. I got it from Steampunk Couture for $6. There are several different styles and sizes available from memory.

This ring/bracelet combo I was given on the weekend from my good friend Gracie as a belated Christmas gift. I love them so much!

This collar I got from the In Visible Light stall at Worn Wild. It was $20

This clip I got on etsy a little while ago

This facinator I got from Madame Pompedour in Melbourne. It was $25

This gorgeous facinator I got from the Dusk Moth Designs stall at Worn Wild. It was $30. I love the little bird in it sooo much and the large feather matches the dye I use for the ends of my hair perfectly!

This top hat I got at a nice little store tucked away in an arcade in Coffs Harbour called Edwards Modern Vintage. It was $80.

This headband I also got from the In Visible Light stall at Worn Wild. It was $30. It's a bit hard to see on the photos but it has a layer of netting to cover the face on the front, and several pieces of lace that cascade down the hair at the back. The feathers and little clock-flower thing sit to one side at the top of the head.

Well that's about all I can be bothered doing tonight as I'm quite sleepy. Hope you enjoyed reading/ looking at the pictures, because there wasn't really that much to read this time 'round :P

Over and out! :D

Listening to: Turn On Your Brain Baby - Snog


  1. So many pretty things! I try not to spend that much money on accessories or clothing, so I don't have many, lol.

  2. Well when I was at uni, for two whole years I didn't have a dime to my name after the cash for essentials left my bank account, so I couldn't even buy a name-brand shampoo let alone any clothing or accessories so when I moved back, I kind'a went mental with the spending :P

    Now however, I'm back in savings mode that Christmas is done, as I'm moving in August and I need moneys for that. Ergh, depressing, but Melbz will be awesome!

  3. Oooh pretty fascinators! 80 bucks is pretty good for a top hat I must say

  4. I've given you a Versatile Bloggers Award on my blog =)

  5. I'm so jealous, such great stuff!