Thursday, January 20, 2011

Covetting this, covetting that

Hello my lovely readers (all 21 one of you now, how exciting!)

Sorry I have been a little slack for the last week or so but unfortunately I've been quite unwell, to the point where I've had to miss work, which sucks because I currently trying to save up for a new SLR and just to have general savings for when I move to Melbourne later in the year.

So, speaking of the things I want to buy, because I'm not really up to getting around taking photos today, as I'm currently bed ridden, I thought I'd show you all a few things I'm currently coveting, and in most cases must avoid in the name of saving...Ergh

First and foremost, the beautiful 5D MKII *drools*

Images from Google.

It took me forever to decide which body I wanted out of this or the 7D but I'm fairly confident I've made my decision now. Just can't go past that sensor.

This lovely taffeta dress can be found here at Steampunk Threads and is something I've had my eye on for quite a while. Unfortunately it is a little pricey and something I can't justify at the present time.
I do love the subtle green pearlescent colour though and the modest neckline and general style about it.

I did actually buy a pair of bloomers from Steampunk Threads last year that I have yet to wear out/ in a photoshoot. When I get better I'll do a post on them.

Another little 0bject I'm hoping to own is this set of Sherlock Holmes dramatic audiobooks from the BBC; found here on Amazon. I came across them when my mum downloaded a few for me to listen to at work and they're just the best audiobooks I've ever listened to. It's like a play or a movies for your ears!

I've also been looking around for a good pair of epaulets, but I haven't really been able to find any. There were (emphasis or were) these on the Gallery Serpentine website, but I think they must have been sold for they don't seem to be there now.

I didn;t really have a jacket to attach them to anyway, but they are awfully nice.

I'm also getting a little fed up with Louise Black, waiting for news of my corset. She never replied to any of my emails until the beginning of last week when I (in a very subtle way and as polity as I could) threatened to leave negative feedback. I heard back from her straight away, saying that the corset would be posted by the end of the week and here it is a week later and it's still not listed as 'sent' and once again I've heard nothing from the email I sent her 3 days ago. Mind you this is 5 weeks after the 'at the latest' date for the corset to be received by.

Sigh. So, I recommend, at this point in time to not buy from her. As nice as her corsets probably are, and hopefully mine shall be, if I ever receive it!

Okay well I think I need more sleep in order to help me recover faster, so I'll sign out now friends.


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