Monday, June 6, 2011

Climb Aboard

So as promised I have a few shots from my shoot with my good friend Gracie the other night! It was so much fun and I'm really pleased with the results. These are just Gracie's picks that she posted of facebook, I might post some more later once I've finished going through the dvd of the shoot I recieved. Enjoy!

All photos by Gracie Johns
All styling by me ^_^

Shirt and Black Damask Corset: Gallery Serpentine
Pants: Kreepsville 666
Shoes: Demonias from Sinister Soles
Green Glitter Corset: BoomBoomBaby!

Contacts: 'Werewolf' by Colourvue
Spoon: Green Fairy Absinthe

Make Up
Black Eyeshadow: Bulletproof by Sugarpill Cosmetics
Green Eyeshadow and Glitter Eyebrows: Electro Green and Radio-Active by Medusa's Make up
Lashes: B6 by Kryolan


  1. @Saskia: Thank you ^_^ I'm rather fond of the photos from this shoot. Fun times!

    @Belinda: Thanks lovey :)

    @Amphigoric Steph: Me too! I just wish they fit me a bit better. Time to lose some weight :/

  2. Oh my, I love these photos! I wish I could say I have a favourite clothing piece you wore, but I really just love the whole put together ensemble. I do like your boots a lot though...and as usual I love your make-up(it always compliments your face so nicely) and I think that second pic of u coming out of the rusty cab is wicked. :)
    -Kelli <3

  3. @Glumplum: Thank you so much! All of those are such kind compliments I'm blushing! ^_^ I'm glad you liked them.

    @Ms. Lou: Thank youuu!!! That hair look forever to get up, and hopefully there's some more pics that actually show how high it is!