Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interview With a Goth - Tek Error

Name? Beli

Goth alias? Tek Error ... It's something from my cyber-goth period long time ago but I kept it because everyone knows me by that one :)

Age? 20

Orientation? Biseksual: I'm more attracted to girls but never met the right one. Then I met Myles, a boy.

Relationship status? Taken for already 4 years by Myles

Where are you hailing from? Antwerp, Belgium

What is your favourite band, song and movie? Sopor Aeternus - The sleeper. His music goes very deep and is to me true goth music. Movie? hmmm that would be Beetlejuice, I loooove everything from Tim Burton! Most movies I don't watch 2 times , but Beetlejuice, oh boy, I've been watching it over and over again!

Favourite author and book? That would be "De legende van de Alfen" by Markus Heitz. It's a fantasy book that goes about the alfs that finds themselves more pure then any other race and wants to start a war.

If you were only allowed to use one cosmetic for the rest of your life what would it be? Black eyeliner; it just makes your eyes pop a little more and always perfect for a goth.

List 3 things we’d find in your handbag/backpack if we opened it now: My black Hello Kitty wallet I got from my lil' sister, my little leather purse for my basic make up (eyeliner, mascara and eye pencil, all black), my pink polkadot umbrella.

Are there any things you never leave the house without? My keys, my phone, wallet, and my umbrella. Nothing special :D

Favourite season? Everything but summer, I don't like summers here because they are way too hot and sticky to enjoy :( I'm more a Spring or Autumn type I think, but also enjoy Winter.

In your opinion what colour looks best on you? Black, but that's not really a colour so uhm .. I think dark purple :)

What subgenre of goth do you think you fit into/ have you created your own? Hmm, I don't fit really into one genre anymore because after all those years I loved to try out different genres and now I have a mix of the things I liked the most, a mix of rock-chique, cyber, and lately I love to combine it with some lolita elements.

Where would we find you on a Saturday evening? Behind my computer or my sewing machine, this past 2 years were very heavy because I studied fashion and all my time went to homework and If I had some spare time I just wanted to relax behind the pc or just sit on the couch with my bf

Discovered any good goth-related websites lately and care to share them? Oh no , not really :(

Anything in particular you’re into at the mo’? Anatomy, because it was my theme for my collection in school and also I want to draw the human body better. This got me very much into it

Best live band performance you’ve seen? Combichrist, the best show I ever went to! The music was loud and everyone was having so much fun. Also they dress up very nicely for a boyband XD

Like to share an interesting fact about yourself? I've had over 30 piercings when I was younger. Now I only have 9 left. But I cannot imagine my life without piercings at all. Also I had every hair colour except for green, yellow and orange. Gonna try those too someday :)

Favourite piece of clothing you own? My white body with red hearts on it from H&M, it is sooo cute! especially combined with a leather jacket and a poofie skirt ^_^

Favourite accessory? My candy bracelet, I made it myself out of fimo and has such lovely pastel colours!

Any bodymods? Oh I had a lot in the past but I've been cutting down. Now I own: 3 underlip piercings, 1 upperlip, septum, 2x nostril (1 on every side), 1 tongue, on both ears a stretch of 28mm. So the only ones I got left are on or around my face. And I got a octopus lady tattooed on my leg.

Biggest pet peeve about the goth scene? The arrogance

If you had the chance to meet any one in human history who would it be? Salvador Dali, I want a nice long chat with that man. His art fascinates me, but that's not all of it.

Any parting comments? No :)


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  1. Great answers, and yay for Sopor Aeternus and Tim Burton movies! ^^

  2. I'd love to participate if you'd have me. :)

  3. I could participate too if you want me as well ;) These intervies you've done thus far are very interesting to read :)
    -Kelli <3

  4. Hey! can you please delete my real name on this one :) I'm trying to get rid of my realy name on social media, thank you ^^