Friday, June 24, 2011

The Righteous Bison

Our tale today takes place over a year ago whilst I was in my second year of uni at ANU in Canberra. Whilst shopping for textbooks in the on campus Co-Op, I happened across a charming book by the name of Dr. Grordbort Presents Victory: Scientific Adventure Violence for Young Men and Literate Women. It might be wise to note that although I have been interested in the steampunk scene for quite an amount of time, and elements of it well before I knew what steampunk was, it wasn't for quite a while after that I decided to start actively participating as a member of the subculture.

Stumbling upon this was my first exposure to the collections of Doctor Grordbort and thus began an insatiable lust towards the brand's ray guns. I um'd and ahh'd about whether or not to buy the book as cool as it was because as you can understand, a uni student's budget doesn't exactly allow for such luxuries. However I soon discovered something that made up my mind for me. It just so happened that there was a competition going on at the shop that month, that for each copy of 'Victory' sold the buyer got an entry into a draw for one of aforementioned ray guns. So naturally I had to enter.

I'm fairly sure that the model that was up for grabs was The Righteous Bison Indivisible Particle Smasher.

It turned out that only about 3 people, or some ridiculously low number around there entered the competition including myself and a friend of mine, Mitch. Naturally it was fate I would win right?



Sorry to disappoint. Mitch won however, and he definitely was my second choice! :P However I'm writing this post today mainly to remind myself to buy one of these in August when they come back in stock in their New Zealand warehouse. (Thing is though, I would buy from the UK one but the postage would cost two and a half times what the actual ray gun itself costs! Bitch, please. I ain't payin' that!) That and to make everyone out there who isn't already aware of the existence of the magnificent feats of creativity!

So what else is new in the life of the Green Fairy? Well The Steampunk NSW Australia crew have been busy organising a big event for November going by the name of Drifting in Time: A Paddlewheel Adventure. It's going to be a Steampunk sci-fi themed ball! Anyway, I've been doing quite a bit of research for my costume over the last few days as I'm planning to go as my own take on some kind of steampunk'd borg drone. (If you don't know what a borg drone is kindly GTFO :P just kidding, but that shit man.) Anyway so I'm planning on commissioning a custom version of one of Dominic Elvin Design's cybernetic head systems for my costume as well as wearing my Black Milk new liquids tights and adorning a crap load of corrugated tubing.

Head piece by Dominic Elvin Designs

I'll be sure to keep you updated on my progress right here.

Well that's about all for tonight, otherwise all I have to say is look out for the next instalment of Interview With a Goth in the very near future as well as some posts regarding Rococo fashion, as it's my current obsession!

Over and out my lovelies!

The Green Fairy

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