Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Journey into Gothdom Part IV

Here's another instalment of pictures from my past. BTW, has anyone else been having issues with blogger? I haven't been able to comment, post or even look at other people's blogs for days.

This was taken whilst I wandered around Sydney after seeing Diary of Dreams and Covenant at Under the Blue Moon.

The days of the converse...

Myself and Zoe

Angie, Grace, Zoe and myself

James, myself and Mark

Myself, Hayley, Zoe, Grace and Taniel


  1. when was that first photo taken?! :p it confuses me, as you are wearing your dress and corset that i know of but appear not to have any/make up on - it's like some sort of middle ground between your general gothdom days and ultimate gothdom days :p

  2. I had issues with blogger, too. But it's ok now. It only lasted a few days.

    You're very cute on the last picture. :) And I love all of your clothes on the other pictures. *-*

    Have A Nice Day ^^

  3. My dashboard wouldn't show any of the blogs I followed for a few days; whenever I made a post an "error occurred" or it crashed; but all the problems are gone for me. Give it a couple of days?

    I'm thinking about doing a long Journey Into Gothdom, but sadly, I don't have that many pictures of me where it shows that I'm gradually growing into it. Illustrations with GIMP or Paint? :-P Either way, if I DO end up doing a Journey Into Gothdom, I will definitely cite your posts ^_^

  4. Update: did my own post on it now. Here you go:

    And I cited you twice ^_^

  5. @Gracie: It was taken in 2008 at Under the blue moon

    @Nightmare: That's good, I think mine have cleared up now as well. And thanks! :)

    @Tenebris:Oh I'm heading over there right now to have a peek!