Thursday, June 16, 2011

There's a Zombie in Your Immune System

Sorry for my lack of posting lately my fellow bloggers and blog-readers (all 73 of you, eeep!). After spending the long weekend in Canberra, I got myself a nice case of bronchitis. So yesterday after seeing the doctor and toddling off to the pharmacy to get m'drugs (Oh and I had to have a blood test because my doctor thinks I'm anaemic again AND vitamin D deficient - I'm SOOO Gawth :P) I headed home and pretty much slept the whole day, only stirring from my slumber every now and then to hack up a lung or two. This really couldn't have come at a worse time what with Winter Magic up in Katoomba this weekend of which I was (am?) very much looking forward to attending. In fact the Steampunk Parade and then later in the evening, ball was my only solace after reading in a few of the blogs I follow that yesterday (or was it the day before?) was International Steampunk Day. Sigh, hopefully I'll be well enough to crawl out of this cesspool of mucus, tissues and germs that currently is my room and enjoy the festival (making up for my severe lack of Steampunkedness this week).

So! If you have any astounding home remedies for speedy recoveries from sickness, pleeease let me know.

Oh and I picked up my new 50mm lens whilst waiting for my script at the chemist yesterday and it feels so good to have one again. Felt naked without it.

Over and out lovelies

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  1. I've had bronchitis before. And I have anemia, so I guess that might make two of us. Both aren't fun :-/

  2. blech, hope you have a speedy recovery!
    Soup and warm blankets!

  3. oooh steam punk things! :p
    my only method to speedy recoveries involve only taking vitamins and no cold tablets (the cold symptoms are worse but shorter) but that's only for colds, not bronchitis :p

  4. That sucks! I would just go anyways, but I'm really not someone who gets sick. I don't know.

    Drink tea. Lay around the house and get some serious rest. Soup it up and get the bugs out of your system! Feel better.

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone, I am feeling a lot better now and hopefully soon I'll be 100%.

    I promise I'll be back to posting this week!