Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Interview With a Goth

So I've wanted to start doing interviews with fellow bloggers or really any one involved in the goth subculture or the like for a while now and I finally got around to writing down a few questions. I've answered the questions myself to give you guys an idea of what it would be like for participants.

If you would like to be involved in Interview With a Goth you can comment here, nominating yourself or others (all they need is an email address) or if you would prefer you can drop me a line at sydneysomething@hotmail.com or contact me on facebook if we're connected.

All I would need is the person's answers and a nice picture of them (with permission to use it of course).

I would also like your input on the questions, whether that be suggestions for more or even concerns about any ones I've answered myself (like..I mean are they too personal etc..) I was thinking this might be a monthly thing, but if it turns out moe popular than I could make it more often.

Anyway, here we go!

Interview With a Goth

Name: Steph

Goth alias: The Green Fairy

Age: 21

Orientation: Asexual hetero-romantic (I dunno if it's a real orientation but I read it somewhere and thought it encompassed my feelings towards the matter perfectly!)

Relationship status: Single

Where are you hailing from? Orange, New South Wales, Australia

What is currently your favourite band, song and movie? Ashbury Heights, 'Movie Star' by And One and 'This is England'

Favourite author and book? Jules Verne and 'Parfum' by Patrick Suskind

If you were only allowed to use one cosmetic for the rest of your life what would it be? My liquid foundation; Infallible by Loreal in Classic Ivory

List 3 things we’d find in your handbag/backpack if we opened it now:

-My RayBan Wayfarer sunglasses

-My absinthe lipbalm

-A pair of those 3D glasses from the cinema

Are there any things you never leave the house without? My beloved wayfarers, my phone and my ventilator inhaler.

Favourite season? Winter, baby!

In your opinion what colour looks best on you? Black (I don't care if it's not really a colour :P)

What sub-genre of goth do you think you fit into/ have you created your own? Victorian Gothic Steampunk Absinthe Fairy.

Where would we find you on a Saturday evening? Lately it's been at home blogging, watching dvds and playing with makeup.

Discovered any good goth-related websites lately and care to share them? Milieux; It's not new, but check it out if you haven't already.

Anything in particular you’re into at the mo’? I've re-discovered Plants VS. Zombies!

Best live band performance you’ve seen? Emilie Autumn, Sydney, 2010

Like to share an interesting fact about yourself? I have a naturally forked tongue.

Favourite piece of clothing you own? My Eliza shirt from Gallery Serpentine

Favourite accessory? My black satin jabot from FanPlusFriend

Have any bodymods? Only 6! Lobes, industrial, whatever the top of the ear is called and septum.

Photo by Gracie Johns


  1. Oeh! I'm kind of Goth :D And Belinda to! She's from Tek Error: http://belindaknuyt.blogspot.com

    Or Saskia from Graveyard picnic: http://catacombxkitten.blogspot.com/

    Euhm. Thinking for some others to ...

  2. I nominate: Myself! And kittum, of course.

  3. Plants VS. Zombieees! And I wanted to ask whether I could participate, but I saw Laura already nominated me, thanks! :D I think Sara might be interested, too.
    Maybe a question like 'first goth band' or 'when/how did you get into goth' might be good idea?

  4. I better start writing down a list of willing victims...err I mean participants ...



    Okay well Laura do you wanna go first then? And obviously I don't mean just goths, anything alternative that overlaps. I'm not really that much of a goth, I just call myself that because it's easier for people not in the scene to understand.

    Saskia do you mean the first goth band they liked? And also I considered your second suggestion but it might be a bit of a novel for some folk :P

  5. Sara is one to! I knew I forgot one >_>
    And okaaaay I will go first :D

  6. I would like to try one. ^_^


    I'm posting a lot of pictures of myself on my blog for Red & Black week: you can use any of those. If those won't work, then you can send me an email requesting a photo.

  7. @Sherrie: Yay! So send me an email when you've had time to answer the questions and a pic too (Not too large as my net is crap)

    @Tenebris In Lux: Okie dokie your name is on the list! I'll contact you when it's your turn!

    Hmm maybe I should make it fortnightly... >.>

  8. Yes, that's what I meant! True about that novel part :p
    This really is a great project ^^

  9. Sounds interesting. It´s a great project :) But to be honest, I don´t really understood some of the questions (maybe I should start learning english more :D)

  10. I could probably do this sometime. My email is yourworst.nightmare at hotmail dot com.

  11. i could do this.........although i am not able to give you a picture of me.(sorry im just freaked about people finding me in real life and kidnapping or something..........i don't think i can do the"where do you live question either...o.0)my email is: ivygothicivy@gmail.com and my blog is:AlternativeIvy.blogspot.com . I will let you know if one particular goth friend of mine is interested in this.If she is I wil come back on here and tell you her information.

  12. Forgot to tell you, my mail is lady_scarlet1@hotmail.com

  13. All written down!

    @Saskia: Thanks! :D

    @Chloe: hat language is nagtive for you? Tell me which ones you don't understand and I'll try my best to re-word them for you.

    @Ivy: Haha okay if you're worried we can make some special arrangements for you.

    And that'd be awesome if a friend of yours wants to get involved!

    @Sara and Ashlee: Noted!