Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's a Kind of Magic

On the weekend just gone whilst still recovering from the plague I headed up to the Blue Mountains for the Winter Magic Festival. A bunch of us from the New South Wales Steampunk crew marched in the parade up through the main street of Katoomba along with a fair few other groups of people. What can I say? What a blast! I met a lot of interesting people both on the day of the festival and then later in the evening at the Peasant's Ball at the Carrington.

I took my camera with me and took a couple of pics. Sorry if they're not that great technically, the lighting was quite horrible. I've done my best to fix them in photoshop.

In other news, my poll is just about over and it looks as though the majority of people would like to see 'Interview With a Goth' once a week. This may not always be possible but I'll try my best to keep it up that often. Belinda! You're the next victim so please gimme your email address! :P

Over and Out

The Green Fairy



  1. WoW I lovge your photos!! It looks like a lot of fun!

  2. ooooh nice, love that one of the skeleton face girl with the flag!

  3. The twelfth picture down (skeleton girl) reminds me of Hel from the old Norse myths...just a thought

    Lovely pictures by the way

  4. Thanks for your nice comments guys! It was a lot of fun! I only wish I'd taken more, but considering how I was feeling on the day I think I did okay.