Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rockabilly Partaaay

So I found to a friend's 21st this weekend just gone and as I mentioned a few posts ago it was to be a rockabilly theme. I'm not much into the whole rockabilly subculture - not that I don't think it's cool, on the contrary there are many aspects I like but it's just not really for me. So I did the theme with my little twist on it, mainly because I didn't have high-wasted jeans and for the life of me I could not find an affordable leather/leather jacket substitute.

I guess my look revolved around my sky-high pompadour quiff really...See the creation process if you'd like; 

I used this youtube tutorial here. Obviously I took a few liberties, making my pomp a lot taller, changing the back to accommodate much longer hair and leaving out the dent thingo at the front but I really like the way he does the sides. Plus his technique seems to keep it together for much longer. I slept on mine for two days and it still looked good enough to leave the house with (after a slight touch up with some hairspray of course).

This was my outfit, '50s/'60s grease monkey;

Wayfarer sunglasses - Ray Ban
Chesty white shirt and belt - Kmart
Mechanical legbone leggings - Black Milk

 Keeping in mind that this party was saturday evening and my hair done late saturday afternoon...This was my hair before going out for the day on Monday;

Top and leggings by Black Milk Clothing

And this was Monday night right before I began the arduous talk of washing out a ridiculous amount of hairspray and back combing...


Anyway I'm off to watch the latest GoT episode and hopefully I'll have some photos taken by my friends of the actual party to show you all soon. 
Over and out.


  1. Wow! You look amazing! I love the hair!

  2. Thanks dear! ^_^

    Haha damn you're quick, I uploaded the photos from my phone and only just finished the actual writing and whatever :P

  3. awesome!!!