Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Sinister Urge

So last night I popped over to my good friend Hanli's place because she kindly agreed to shave some patterns in my undercut a little while ago. Anyway, so I saw a post on her facebook about some passing thought of being a self-taught hair dresser, and so I asked if she'd bleach my ridiculously long regrowth and she agreed, hoorah!

So we spent the evening eating pizza, listening to Bowie, chatting about life and philosophy and doing my hair :D

Here are some piccies!

Thank you so much Hanli! And I apologise for the expos-ed-ness of my ear canal in the pics and the use of in-built flash :P

Oh and exciting news, my Louise Black corset FINALLY arrived! I was a little under whelmed at first, but now I've decided I'm quite in love with it.

I'm hoping to get a chance to wear it this weekend when I travel to our Nation's capital, Canberra, or as we (ex) locals like to call it, The 'Berra. I was originally attending a goth club night there called Chrome, however some unfortunate venue issues have resulted in it being cancelled this month. So instead I'll be heading out on the town with a bunch of the local goths to take over another bar/club instead! Wooo safety in majoritively black-clad numbers!

I really like the lining, it's very pretty. Could probably turn it inside-out if you were so inclined. I'm not one for much white however.

I also found this delicious little thing the other day when I was considering trying out a bit more lolita...Then I realised IT'S WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. Hem.

Gah, it's so pretty. I also like the black and red colours, but green would be a bit different and nice. Found here at Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Anyhow, that's all for today

Nigh night all!


  1. I love the spiral =)

    Corset is exceptionally gorgeous and very you. Obviously.

  2. Thank you! I'm quite fond of it, and I'm thinking of dying just the spiral green too. Might look a bit spunky.

    Yayayay! I'm glad you think it's 'me' :D

  3. I'm officially in love with your hair. I mean, I loved it before [the green is killer], but now, I'm going to have to steal it from you...

    And that corset is amazing. Nice choice. Have a good trip. =]

  4. @Sara: Thank you!

    @Stephanie: Haha oh dear! So if I wake up scalped one morning I'll know who to blame :P

    Thank you! :D :D

  5. Oooh I do like that lining a lot :p and ahh, scalp

  6. Dont apologize.... Ears and ear canals are sexy!