Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bored 'Til Death

Today I wanted to show off these fabulous Epaulettes I got whilst I was in Sydney last weekend. You see, I spotted them several months ago in Gallery Serpentine, and then again later they were added to their Sydney web store. Unfortunately both times I was unable to afford them, and then one day they disappeared from the website and I sadly assumed that they had been sold.

Well, when I was there on Saturday, my friend Todd called me over, muttering something about how cool something that he'd seen was. I casually glanced over and my jaw dropped; Todd still talking to me about the Epaulettes whilst I was a proverbial puddle of drool on the floor. So, even though I couldn't realistically afford them, I snatched them off their display and marched straight to the counter; grin and Todd in tow.

I have yet to find a jacket to attach them to, but here they are;

And seeing as that wasn't a big post, I decided to upload a few other photos I'd taken around our property during 2011.

This frog had made it's home in our chicken's water dish. Cheeky bugger.

And this cranky spider had been walked on by my dad, hence his damaged leg :( ...And his cranky demeanour.

I was going through some of my old photos early this afternoon and thought I might upload a few every blog post, how does that sound?

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Over and out m'darlings!

The Green Fairy


  1. aw spider, it's cool though. frog rules. those shoulder things are WAY COOL.
    yeah, upload them there photos ya-huh?

  2. @ Sheridan: You want what, my dear? :P

    I know Grace, I love them ^_^ Gah excited for next week fo sho!