Friday, February 18, 2011

Green Haired Villians: An Unrepresented Market

Nevermind the bollocks - err, I mean title. I was discussing green-haired terrorists with a friend of mine, HAYDEN PETERS *swoon*. But seriously, check that shit out friends; he's was on the freakin' collectors for Science's sake!

And now back to me :P

Yay! Photos from my shoot with Rodney Shrimpton! I'm not getting overzealous with the hyperbole when I say the anticipation for seeing these photos was EATING ME ALIVE. Although The Shrimptons are good friends of mine, and I regularly stalk Rod's work, I've never actually had my own shoot. I accompanied my good friend Grace on hers a year or so ago (I posted some pics a few posts back), however that was just as moral support and for a bit of interaction for the main model. So you can imagine my excitement at the prospect of this shoot :D

Anyway, enough of the chatter and onto the pictures!


And Rod let me have a few photos with his beautiful 1D Mk4, as I mentioned when I posted a teaser. *drools* Isn't it puuurdy?


Corset: Louise Black (First time out of the house ^_^)
Pants: Lip Service
Shirt: Gallery Serpentine
Pearls: Madame Pompadour
Facinator: In Visible Light
Octopus cameo-style brooch: Tentacle Threads
Absinthe Spoon: Green Fairy Absinthe

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Over and Out

The Green Fairy


  1. You are wearing a spoon.
    An absinthe spoon.

    I have no words.

    Have an emoticon: (*)_(*)