Friday, February 25, 2011

Wayward Corporate Slave Raver

Howdy y'all, sorry that's its' been a little while since I posted but it's been a hectic week over here in the land of Aus.

The weekend just gone as some of you may know, I attended Utopia Rave in Sydney. Although it was fun, it was as I said, unbelievably hectic; and Australia's weather just wasn't playing nice. It was like... 35 degrees Celsius (and this was at like...9pm >_<) which according to google is 95 Fahrenheit for those of whom don't use metric... I have a very small amount of pics, I apologise for the quality. They were taken on my phone, and two of them I pinched off my friend Rachel McLachlan's facebook.

Todd and I

Rachel and I

I also apologise for my disgusting, sweaty appearance but it was a rave after all :P

Goggles: In Visible Light
Falls: Opiate Dreads

And moving on I thought I'd do a little post of what I wore today at work. It's nothing new or exciting, but meh :P

My hair needs re-dying >_<

Aaand a closeup of my jabot and cameo brooch.

Outfit today consisted of:

Shirt: The local uniform shop here
Waistcoat and Jabot: Fanplusfriend
Jeans: Just Jeans
Octopus Cameo: Tentacle Threads
Spoon: Green Fairy Absinthe
Bracelet and charms: Pandora
Pocket Watch: Diva
Top Hat: Shop called 'Edward's' in Coffs Habour


  1. ooooh what was the occasion? :p

  2. Well I was going to go to the RTA to get a new licence but I was too lazy:P

    Oh and I'm writing an email to you as we speak :P

  3. in mah facebooks! stealin mah photos!

    Wear your ponytails under the falls super high for an awesome full effect with falls. :)

  4. Fantastic. Looks like you had fun! I'm jealous. =D