Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's Old is New Again

Hello readers!

Yesterday I was quite the busy little bee, spending all afternoon with Rodney and Susan Shrimpton, some friends of mine here in Aus hanging out having a cup of tea (or two) and taking some pictures. The main reason I visited other than to catch up with them both (as they are both quite awesome!) was to grab some more pics from my birthday party back in August of last year. However, me being a wee bit silly, forgot to get those; however I did come away with an old shoot Rodney did with my good friend Gracie, who those who regularly read my blog have heard of before I'm sure. I came along for like...Moral support or something :P

All of the above pictures were taken by Rodney Shrimpton

Hope you enjoyed those old pics of me, they were taken back in December of 2009.

Anyway, this shoot I had with the Shrimptons yesterday was quite fun, and as soon as they're ready I shall post them here for your viewing pleasure (?) :P Also keep a look out for some pics from my good friend Rosemary's 21st birthday from last night.

Over and out all!

The Green Fairy