Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We Will Be Victorious

Howdy my lovely readers, I hope you're all well! I'm back at work after my trip to Canberra on the weekend, and I had a blast. I will post some photos once my friend's upload them, but till then you'll have to deal with me just doing this little in-between post.

So I recently ordered a Piggy D shirt and it arrived today! Naturally I wore it to work, and I absolutely love the colours. So bright and fun! I got it at his Black Victory store. I've seen some of Piggy's one of kind clothing creations before, and they're very good. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any pieces for sale currently. He also sold his own pants on ebay recently! If I'd had a spare $1000 I might have bought them myself :P

Oh and I s'pose I should mention that Piggy D is currently the bassist for Rob Zombie, and also has his own music under his name. He's played for a number of bands in the past like Wednesday 13 and Alice Cooper too I think. Also his wife, Gabrielle is an awesome photographer! I've been a fan of both of them for several years and I'm lucky enough to be seeing Rob Zombie live in early March, and therefore Piggy D too! Hoorah! I'm most excited and I'll endeavour to take lots of pictures of my 5 days in Melbourne.

Anyway, that's about all. Oh, and I've added a poll to the side of my blog, please vote so I know in what direction to send my blog :)

The Green Fairy

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