Friday, April 19, 2013

Strapping Young Lady

So apparently you can get Goth-appropriate strapping tape; who knew? :P



I'm probably way too excited about this but man it looks so much better than that ugly tan stuff I usually have to wear.


  1. What is strapping tape? Like for injuries? Yes, better than faux skincolour, the only thing that is really good for is underwear that doesn't show through annoyingly sheer clothes.

  2. Yep, for injuries. It can support muscles/joints or whateves. I know right! It's really tan too, like...I'd have to be shrivelled leather from the sun before it would match my skin. It's gross.

  3. OMG WANT! I have been having foot problems lately that require me to tape one of my feet. Black tape would definitely be helpful here!