Sunday, April 21, 2013

What's In my Bag?

I saw Sary do one of these and I was bored and though I might too :P

Illamasqua powder foundation, My new Kindle Paperwhite (a very exciting present from my Mutter ^_^), Ventolin inhaler, Earphones, Ray Ban wayfarer Sunglasses, My fake Jimmy Choo wallet Mum brought me back from her trip to Asia, Paw-paw lip ointment, lipsmacker and buttermenthols.

Hand cream, foundation brush, BB Cream, Revlon concealer, tissues, various coins, comb, black eyeliner, ipod/iphone portable charger, Caffiene under-eye concealer, ipod, lipsmacker, Absinthe candies, listerine strips, keys, my old work name badge for some reason, band-aids and sunscreen.  And of course my phone that is not present because it was taking the photos :P

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