Monday, April 22, 2013


So I was investigating the designer that made one of my favourite items of clothing; my Whisper Dress by Gail Sorronda...Anyway, I found this in their online store;

'Oh My Goth' Tee - Available here

Obviously it's ridiculously over priced but that's high end fashion for you. It made me chuckle in any case :D


  1. I have a few of her pieces when she did the Target range and though I'll give her credit for the goth placement it's not really goth in my opinion, someone's probably done it before and definitely the price is ridiculous for a tee!

  2. I just had a look at some of the stuff she did for Target and it's very different to any of the stuff I've ever seen in there before :S

    Oh no it's not goth..I just thought it was a bit cute and all...You know, if a goth wore it..