Monday, April 22, 2013

Physio outing

My outfit for my outing to the physio today! I've grown to really like these appointments. I'd had shoulder issues for a few years now and this time I have decided I'm going to give it my all to try and get better. I often with medical issues just don't bother with exercises etc but my therapist has an extremely sunny demeanour and she's so motivating for some reason :P

Anyway apparently I've made progress which is exciting! :D Also next week, other than gaining more improvement, one of my goals is to download the superman theme and bring it on my phone to our appointment :P Everyone needs a physiotherapist this awesome for the best chance at recovery, I swear.

OOTD featuring;
DM copies from Big W
Black Spartan leggings from Black Milk Clothing (I'm so obsessed with these right now)
Whisper Dress -  Gail Sorronda
Cameo necklace - Pandora (gift for my 21st ^_^)


  1. aaaaaaaaaawwwww that dress! <3

  2. I know right, I love it and was exceedingly lucky to have one come into my life as I doubt I could ever have afford an up market designer brand through usual channels.